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    by , 08-31-2014 at 10:29 PM (273 Views)

    I was with a group of people driving to Santa Rosa to visit the Blue Hole. I counted my fingers and looked at my watch, which was going crazy, and realized I was dreaming. My car was parked and I went into a small office-like building and got a blowjob from one of the girls. After a few seconds, I kept going through the office, exploring it. Many times I said "When I open this door, I'll be at the bottom of the blue hole!" but it didn't work. I left the office and decided to look for water and try and find the meaning of it. I flew and came upon a park with kids playing. The park reminded me of Anna Becker Park in Belen. Still flying, I was able to control my elevation and rise and lower at will. I asked a guy where I could find lakes, rivers, or the ocean but he replied "Oceans" as in 'There is non in NM' I got mad and before I flew away, I used water magic on his legs to hopefully trip him. I flew out of the town, which still looked like Belen, and flew over some houses, looking for water. The further I went, the more the wind started to pick up. Eventually, it was not possible to keep flying forward because the wind was too powerful. I still tried flying forward and made note of how pretty the houses were. The powerful wind caused me to turn around and I saw a big, flat mountain with torches lighting up a dirt road/trail. There was a man jogging on it and I thought the mountain looked awesome, but kept looking for water.
    Eventually, the wind got too strong and I thought it'd be easier to walk than to fly. I went into a house and was teleported back to the office I had first gone in to. This time, the office was filled with children. I asked a girl "What does the water in my dreams represent" and she looked at her handkerchief and then back at me and said "Alex and Christa". She walked away and I followed, asking "What about them?" She was about to tell me something but I woke up.

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