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    Memorable Dreams

    1. 10/21/2014

      by , 11-10-2014 at 03:13 AM

      I was in an apartment complex talking to people I recognized. I moved around the area a lot, seeing some man-made ponds of water. I entered a building and saw a girl and asked when she was moving in, "In a few weeks" she replied. I looked at my watch, which showed the time 38:38. I wondered if I was dreaming and looked around. I asked the girl I was talking to "Hey, the time is 38:38, right?" She giggled and said "Sure?" which made me realize I was dreaming!
      I flew up and around the cafeteria-looking area and had fun. I climbed to the roof of a place where food is cooked and as I scaled it, it broke, almost causing me to fall. I felt scared and the girls yelled out for me to be careful. I pulled myself up and decided to jump down. It was a pretty long fall but I reminded myself "This is a dream! Nothing can hurt me!" I jumped down the tall place I was standing on and when I landed, I felt a slight jolt of pain on my feet, which made me do a parkour roll. I ran on some walls and flew around, doing whatever came to mind as the area got more populated. Again, the thought of playing with water came to me.
      I raised my right hand and tried to conjure an orb of water. Nothing. I wasn't going to give up in this dream. I ran and hovered over the floor, passing through people looking for any sort of water. I was in a college campus so I looked for a water fountain, eventually finding one outside. The water inside the water fountain was dirty and had mud, it wasn't clean so I flew away in search of another fountain with cleaner water. Again, I flew around and through people and found a water fountain that looked like the one in my apartment complex. There were many people sitting in tables talking to each other. I brought my right hand up and attempted to control the water in the fountain, but nothing happened. I stuck my hand in the water and as I brought it out, I noticed the water fly from my fingertips. I repeated this a few times and eventually said "I can control water like I control telekinesis!" I stuck my hand in the water and brought it out, again noticing the water come out of my fingertips. I had an idea: That's where the water will come out from.
      I shifted the palm of my hand upward, pointed my fingers towards the sky, and expected water come out of my finger tips... It did! Blue water kept shooting upwards from my finger tips as I finally succeeded in controlling water. I yelled out "I did it!" and heard people starting to cheer. I decided to wake up into a false awakening.

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    2. 10/5/2014

      by , 10-08-2014 at 07:57 AM

      I was in a suburban neighborhood going to a friend's house, who had a Muslim father. We liked each other but couldn't date because her dad had just found out that she wanted to be a Christian. Some sort of earthquake was going to happen so I went to pick up something at a Walmart. Some guy started messing with me and we got in a fight. He pulled out a small little gun and I disarmed him and beat him even more. Security took me in and told me to do a memo on what happened. J. Martinez and R. Granado showed up and helped me, even showing me camera footage of the incident. What happened was nothing like I remembered and I did a lot of references to Frozen while talking to the guy I had fought. I watched a lot of videos of me fighting and I was thinking about dreaming and did a failed reality check. In the room I was with, Megan was sleeping. Megan got up because of some sort of leg pain. I hugged her and asked her if she was ok and told her I loved her since she said it first.

      I was in what I knew was my room and somehow realized I was dreaming. I flew up to the top of the building I was in and I started playing with my water magic. I spun in circles embracing the water I conjured. I looked at my hands but no water was coming out, which angered me a little. I flew around the night and jumped off the roof to the ground many stories down, only to do it all over again not once feeling fear or pain. Testing my dream control, I flew through the floor, appearing in the same room I was in. I did the same with the roof of the room. I decided to leave and went back to where I was, looking for a door to teleport me out of the area. For some reason, the first thing that came to mind was a prostitution ring, so that's where I chose to go. Going through a door, that led to a bathroom, I decided to go through the bookshelf and the wall behind it because I knew that would take me somewhere. I walked towards the bookshelf and eventually through it, only to get stuck half-way inside it. I wailed my arms, trying to grab onto something to pull me past the shelf but I told myself "It's all about expectation" and expecting to actually be able to go through the wall, I did, entering a long, dark, scary hallway. I reached for my flashlight, wondering if I even had my duty belt on. I shined my flashlight through the hallway, illuminating the way with a realistic beam. I covered the flashlight halfway, in case there was something on the other side of the hallway that could see the beam.
      Eventually, I came upon a large, empty office room on a high building, with windows that allowed me to see out into the other tall buildings in the city. Looking around, I saw a desk, couch, bookshelf, old TV, and some paperwork. I knew it had to represent something so I yelled out "What does this represent!?" and pointing at the TV, implying that it would turn on and tell me my answer. Instead, the TV turned on and showed a channel with weak signal and static. There was a bag full of money but on the straps holding the money, there were notes that would read in order. The notes were from many different people and I knew one of them was personally from my subconscious, I saw another one that said it was from my pastor. The one from my subconscious stated something about when I was younger. I started worrying about remembering everything when I woke up but kept reading. I saw a map with a list of places but the only one I could remember was 'Rake's, OH' before waking up.
    3. 8/25/2014

      by , 09-16-2014 at 10:40 PM
      False Awakening

      I woke up on a bed because I could hear the sound of a heavy breeze coming through an open window. The breeze sent printed pictures under the closed door to the outside of the room. I knew the breeze was telling me to go out of the room. I wondered why but all I wanted to do was go back to sleep. A powerful man's voice kept telling me I was dreaming, and that I had to go look at one of the rooms. I replied "I can't go back to the dream, it's already too late, I'm already awake." The voice replied, "You are in a dream; look at your watch," upon doing so, I realized that my watch looked normal except for the area where the date is shown was blank. I realized I was dreaming!
      I calmed myself and stabilized the dream. The voice told me "Someone is waiting for you at the open door" I went out the room and down the hallway to the left. As I passed the open doors, they shut by themselves. In the third or fourth door, I saw some sort of cat run out the room. I tried talking to it but couldn't speak. I reached the end of the hallway, which opened up into a small room with an open window and very big vans outside. I turned around and saw an open door. The place was dark and I said "Light!", which made a flash of light appear. The area lit up for a few seconds. I entered a room with an open door. The room itself was a little dirty and dark. I noticed two beds and said "Light!", making the flash of light appear again. I saw a woman on one of the beds, which startled me. I walked towards what I saw was an older woman, around 50, wrinkles, but attractive, skinny and a darkish skin tone. We made introductions and she told me her name was Lisa, but that I could call her whatever I wanted. She was very vibrant and outgoing and she told me she was what I refer to as a 'Dream Guide'.
      We chatted for a while and I eventually asked what the water in most of my dreams represented. She went on a long explanation about her being in prison and her being a native, and about a bear or something. I don't remember. I then asked her if the way I was woken up, with the wind, had any meaning. She smiled and said no. She started looking a lot older and my dream got blurry. I lost awareness and as I was waking up, Lisa told me I looked good at the grocery store.
    4. 8/6/2014

      by , 09-01-2014 at 04:18 AM
      I was at a mall getting all my gear from work. I knew I had to get my hair cut so I went to see if a hair place in the mall gave military discounts. I kept walking and suddenty was in a forest with a scoped rifle hunting some strange creatures near a lake. Cops showed up and started chasing me and suddenly, more people started chasing me also. I had a lot of guns and it reminded me of GTA. I shot at the people chasing me as I ran up a hill. There was a helicopter with Air Force insignias all over it and I knew it had been downed for a long time, so it became an attraction. When I got to the top of the hill, a little girl told me how, at the bottom of the a river, there was the 'Ultimate Gun'. The river she was talking about was dirty and with black oil. There was a way to enter and exit the river without dying and the girl showed me how. I grabbed the gun that was made of plastic tubing and killed people with it. The way the gun would kill people, is that it was open their mouths and the oil it shot would go into their stomachs and make them explode.
      The area changed to a factory and when there was only 2 people left, I almost got caught a few times. Eventually. I killed everyone. 2 girls, which I recognized from plenty of previous dreams, were sitting down and they said "Now you die" and the whole world exploded. I remember opening my arms, embracing the blast. Everything went black and I said "Now I wake up."
    5. 7/12/2014

      by , 08-03-2014 at 04:08 AM

      I was at the apartments and the whole area outside the pool was flooded with water. There was a hot, curvy girl that I swam by while I was underwater. She was wearing a bikini and I could see a lot of her nicely-drawn tattoos. I saw another, skinny girl swimming really weirdlike and I said "I wanna swim like that". I got out of the water and went into the apartment where the clock on my phone was going crazy.
      I said "This is a dream!" and looked back at my phone. The clock was still going crazy and I thought of things to do. I was with a girl who I think was Laurie and told her I was dreaming and that we should do stuff. I increased lucidity many times by saying to myself what to do. I was at my apartment but when I exited it, the area outside it was enclosed. When I exited the enclosed area, I was outside still in the property. I was going to practice my magic abilities but didn't know which, so I started using telekinesis. At first, I couldn't lift stuff so I tried again and I reminded myself that it will only happen if I believe it will. After I did this, my telekinesis started working. I picked up small stuff and even closed doors. My lucidity began to fade so I said "Increase Lucidity to Lucidity Max!", which increased the vividness of the dream and my lucidity. I rubbed my hands and counted my fingers but counted 5 at first. I asked the girl what sort of magic I should practice and she said to practice on my water magic, so we walked outside towards the pool. I started telling the girl how the whole area around the pool was flooded recently and how good it looked. There were puddles from the flood. I forgot to close the door to the inside of the condos so I turned around and closed it with telekinesis, The keys were in the lock so I tried to get them but some kids opened the door, which made me run up to get the keys while the parents' kids yelled at them. I walked towards the pool, which was populated by people. There was a little area with a table and I tried using telekinesis on stuff. The girl asked me how I knew what I was picking up and I said "I just look at the stuff I want to pick up". I brought my hand closer to my ear and said "When I use telekinesis, I will hear a sound of wind." I used telekinesis again and as son as I grabbed something, a short, faint sound of wind could be heard.
      I played around with telekinesis and messed around with people. I suddenly wondered how I would remember all of the dream. My right eye started to close and I said to the girl "Let's go inside and have sex before we wake up" She followed me and I thought I would remember this whole dream. I decided to wake up and after a couple of tries, I woke up.
    6. 7/7/2014

      by , 07-27-2014 at 11:22 PM
      I was on a kayak with a girl in the middle of a jungle. I had the idea to go explore the third wold countries that were around there so we set off in the kayak. We arrived in a small dark town surrounded by water. There was only one car, one gas station, and a few houses. The town was pretty flooded so we were on water most of the time. Suddenly, we hear what I know are leeches coming. They sounded like people screaming so we got ready. When they got there, they started attacking us and I asked the only girl with a car, who was an old lady, how to get them off of me. She said to go out into the wilderness so I ran away with Ace. We got out of the town but in my haste, I left my wallet behind. I had my belt along with my gun and my AR15. Ace and I started running but I let go of his leash and he jumped a fence into a backyard where there was a huge, muscular dog. The dog attacked us and I started shooting it and after about 10 rounds, I shot his leg causing it to come off, killing him. I grabbed Ace and spanked him for running away. We finally reached a city and people looked real strange, but there were more cars. I had to go back to the little town to get my wallet and was looking for someone who could help. I passed a few people and when I turned down an alley, I saw a group of those huge dogs come out. I turned around and saw 2 more groups walking towards us. I worried that I might get hurt so thinking it was a dream I tried to use fireballs. Nothing happened but a few people came to help me, along with some cats. I put my hands out to my sides and everything turned to slow motion as the fight started. I pulled out my AR15 shot at the animals. At times, I shot some of the cats but eventually killed of the dogs. The group of people said they were tying to get to the American Airlines station and I asked to be taken to the village for my wallet. Someone said they'd help me and I checked the magazine of my AR. The next round was gonna jam so I worked on it. After I did, the song Be My Rescue by Nichole Nordeman started playing. I looked at the skinny blonde girl who put it on and told her I loved that song.
    7. 6/20/2014

      by , 07-17-2014 at 02:21 AM
      I was walking around the apartments at night when a security guard pulled up to me. We started looking around for anyone that might be car-hopping and eventually found a fat nerdy looking guy. When I told him to put his hands up, he started getting crazy, which made the guard call for backup. We walked closer to the guy and he pushed the guard so I pepper sprayed him and took him down. Backup arrived, which was an older security guard, and as I'm cuffing the guy, he turns into a zombie. Me and the older guard start freaking out but we eventually cuff the guy. The younger guard got bitten. As we are walking with the cuffed man, we call someone and tell her what happened. We hear that the background is chaotic and stuff starts happening. The girl on the phone starts crying and whispers "Only a loving heart can cure them." I brought up a phone or tablet and touched it and wherever my finger touched, it turned a different color, which I knew represented love. I ran to my house and then into Rebecca's house, where Lucy was. Rebecca was on the bed sick so I went back to my house and the girl from The Ring was there. She went after me and I shot her but it didn't do any damage. I shot her a few more times but nothing, which caused me to remember what the girl on the phone said about love, so everything I try loving turns normal and pure. I tried it on everything but the girl wouldn't change. It turns out I'm playing a video game and I wonder If I'm dreaming. I look around and see Kristy and go back to the game. and say "If this is a dream, that girl won't be there when I turn around. When I turned around, she was still there.
    8. 6/x/2014

      by , 06-20-2014 at 04:31 AM

      I accidentally deleted this dream along with countless others a few days ago. I'm rewriting this as best as I can remember.

      I was in some sort of apartment complex, which reminded me of the one I live in. I saw 3 kids playing, two boys and a girl. They were blue and looked like aliens. Because they looked like aliens, I tried shooting them. I stopped and wondered why there are aliens in the apartment complex. I counted my fingers and due to my hand having more than 5 fingers, I became lucid.
      I felt happy and thought of what to do. My lucidity started to fade and I said "Don't wake me up yet!", which made my lucidity increase. I said "Now I fly" and started to hover and rise. I went through the roof of a building and hovered above the roof of the building I was outside of. Further out, I could see tall apartments like the ones in Venezuela. I put my arms out like superman and tried to fly to a roof but instead of flying towards it, I flew away from it, backwards. I wondered if I had read anything on this and how to fix it, but couldn't think of anything. Impulsively, I moved my legs as if I was swimming but it didn't work. I landed on a roof, still looking at my target. My lucidity must have started to fade again because I yelled "Increase Lucidity!" It worked a little so I yelled "Increase Lucidity to Lucidity Max!" (cheesy I know) It made everything clear and it's the highest lucidity I've reached yet. I looked down and, being a little scared, I jumped down to a roof under me. I ran across rooftops, doing parkour. It felt so good to run and not get tired.
      Once I reached another roof, I looked up at the sky, which was filled with grey clouds, as if it was going to rain. I wondered what it meant so I looked at a pile of mattresses that were next to me and asked "What does that sky represent?" I heard noise but no voices. I needed to try a human. I heard people talking behind me so I turned around and saw a group of girls talking on some grass near a tree. I hovered down to the grass and walked towards them. There was a girl laying on her stomach and I said "That girl sucks dick now" and a penis came out from the ground and she started sucking it! I laughed because it reminded me of that one pokemon. The other girls looked intrigued. I walked up to a chubby girl with dirty blonde hair and asked her "What does that sky represent?" We both looked back at the sky, which had a bit more sunlight and visible godrays. We looked back at each other and she told me "You need to have sex." I was surprised at the answer and told her "I can't; I won't. I've been good for 8 months," reminding myself of my purity streak. She laughed and responded "8 months? You wouldn't last 8 minutes under temptation." I thought about the answer and knew she was right. I got up and grabbed her shorts and pulled them down. She told me something about hurrying and I proceeded to have anal sex with her, which felt so good I slowly lost lucidity and woke up.

      So far, this is my favorite Lucid dream
    9. 5/16/2014

      by , 05-18-2014 at 04:40 AM
      I was playing Counter Strike but with magical characters and powers. I was able to heal, become invisible, and was a girl. Since my team had lost the match, we were part of a survival type game with monsters. The objective 3was to escape without being spotted. The first monster was a big boulder thing that could run real fast. He was coming after me but I evaded him. I grouped up with my team and kept moving. We went through a crowd of people that were turning into zombies but ran the other way because we saw enemies behind them. My team ran off without me and I had to catch up. We made it into a room where prisoners were kept. I became invisible a few times to help me avoid enemies. We were almost out of the room and I saw a tank guarding the exit, so I tried going around it. The tank almost noticed me, which made it start patrolling. I had a plan to distract the tank and turn invisible but my team went back and used another route. I was mad and was about to go when I heard my team get in trouble. There was only a girl and a guy left and they took a wrong turn and appeared in the exit of the tank room. I heard gunfire and saw a guy get killed by some hovering robots, which ended our game.
      Everyone said good game and I decided to stop playing, which caused me to wake up.
    10. 4/17/2014

      by , 04-17-2014 at 03:16 PM

      I was walking down a road passing several streets. I kind of knew I was dreaming and was trying to remember every street name I saw, which were the names of people that I worked with at the prison. I came to a stop and the area changed to a more lively area, with trees and better colors. Desirae was standing right next to me. She told me she knew I was dreaming and she was waking up to get ready for work. I almost had a false awakening and I got mad because she almost woke me. I yelled to the dream to show me a cool name on a street sign but it just turned to a piece of wood. I continued walking and it looked like I was in a college campus. I somehow became lucid. I walked towards a chubby woman with brown hair. She was kinda pretty. I asked her how she was doing and she said she just got off church. She walked off and as I followed behind her, I stabilized my dream by rubbing my hands and telling myself repeatedly "I'm dreaming". We continued talking and I found out we had a date planned together but neither of us knew when. I found Valery and we started walking. The woman started going into her apartment and I said "You should lose some weight" in hopes that the next time I see her, she'd be skinnier. I also told her "I do love your dress, though". She seemed upset that I suggested she lose weight.
      Valery and I kept walking and I said "Let's fly." Valery and I started flying. We flew over two people and almost over a roof. Everything felt so amazing and I felt so happy. I started losing focus because my emotions got to intense and I fell. I tumbled onto the ground and as I got up, I did stabilization techniques and reality checks of my hands and watch. My digital watch was going crazy, even when I tried to make it count time normally. I kept walking with Valery and thinking that we might be sharing the dream, told her to remember we flew together. I also told her to remember the yellow dress she was wearing and what I was wearing. I wanted to get her to wake up so I started yelling at her to wake up. She then started crying saying something about her vacuum yelling at her or something.
      I then woke up.
    11. 4/15/2014

      by , 04-16-2014 at 04:58 AM

      I was on a ship filled with people when someone threw a homemade bomb into the crowd. The bomb got tossed around like if it was a "hot potato" and it finally blew up on some guy. He went flying and we thought he was dead but he slowly got up and started running off the ship. His head was blown open and I could see his brain. While he was running off me and a girl chased after him, especially the girl but I realized he was too wounded. I said "That guy is wolf food now..." We were then in an island and as we were getting back into a bus, I started fighting people. I beat up a lot of them but then I got thrown off the bus. I was locked out but some girls that were in the bus were nice enough to hand me a few bottles of water. I told the girls I'd be back to help them. I went into a big house that looked more like a motel on the inside. There was a TV playing music and as I walked towards it, I said "I haven't had a sad dream in a while." A fat lady was walking towards me and I asked her "If this were a dream, would I be able to change the song to a song from Tangled?" The replied
      Yes, but it would play before the current song" That confused me but all the talk about dreams made me do a reality check. I started counting my fingers and noticed I had a lot of them. I realized I was dreaming.
      I looked around the house and there were a lot of stuff on the counters. I noticed my dream blurring and getting disoriented so I rubbed my hands and then looked at them to stabilize the dream. I faced the TV and tried to make fireballs but the only results were sparks or embers coming out of my fingers. I thought about maybe taking a pill that would give me the ability to use fireballs but didn't. I flicked my index, middle finger, and thumb, which caused a glowing crescent to come out and fly towards what I pointed. The crescent curved in the way my palm faced. I tried different positions of my palm and the crescent would react to how my hand was. I turned around and went down some stairs into a dark room. I flipped a light switch and a few lights started to go on. I yelled while raising my hands "Let there be light!" and the room lit up. I looked at stuff on the counter and then decided to go back upstairs and into another room where I heard Blacksher calling out to L. Hernandez. The place looked like Denise's room. I saw Desirae on a counter laying down. I asked her why she was there and she said she was sick to her stomach. I asked with what and she said with Vygil or something. She looked really pale. I then went to Blacksher and she was saying something and I wanted her to shut up so ducktape replaced her mouth. She was trying to talk and had green skin. I let her have her mouth again and left towards Desirae. All 3 cats were there and I wanted Lucy to turn into a tiger. I pointed to Bugaloo but realized it was Bugaloo. I saw Lucy and flicked a crescent on her and she started turning into a tiger.

      I believe in this dream my lucidity was low, since it didn't feel as real as previous lucid dreams. I could still control myself, though. As for the Glowing Crescents, I'm going to use that as a way to point to things that I want to change, like I did with Lucy. If I want to change, for example, a tv into a radio, I'll use a Glowing Crescent on it while. I think this will help me with changing stuff.
    12. 3/25/2014

      by , 03-25-2014 at 09:40 PM
      False Awakening

      I was having a firefight with some terrorists and I was killing them with a desert eagle that had a laser on it. I remember doing parkour and fighting some hobo calling me a fag before that. I was then with C. Alexander and some black girls watching something on world war 2. I remember saying Germany was not as bad as Japan. Alexander and I then laid together and her grandma got mad so I grabbed my stuff and left for the airport to catch my flight. I missed the exit so I took the next one. I was on a hill and there were a lot of buildings and roads that curved a lot. I got mad because the layout of the parking lot was stupid so I woke up. I had a false awakening. I couldn't move my head and when I tried, I could only move it a little bit. I told myself to wake up again and I did, but it was another false awakening. I did a reality check of my hand and part of it was transparent and would appear and reappear and I went lucid. I got excited and noticed my dream ending. I tried to dream spin but couldn't. I woke up again. This time I was pretty sure it was a real awakening and was started to get scared but upon counting my fingers, I realized I wasn't and I became lucid again.
      With my right arm, I grabbed my head and pulled it up, making it possible for me to move it again. As I was getting up, I felt as if my mind was rising, maybe I was having an OBE. I looked at the bed to see if my body was still there but it wasn't. Everything felt so real. My objective for my next lucid dream was to explore the dream scene. I was in my room and went to the kitchen, where a purple desk with a fluffly white and beige cat was sitting on. In the living room was a blue sofa and a white cat sitting on top of it. I was going to ask what they represented but then remembered my other objective: Ask my dream to show my dream guide. I faced the door and said "I want to see my dream guide." I turned around and noticed a radio. That couldn't be it. I turned around again and said "When I turn around, I went her, my dream guide, or him to be right behind me!" As I was saying it, I heard a female voice behind me. I turned around and there was a speaker and a vacuum. I was confused why I would have objects instead of a person. I also had a headphone hanging on my left shoulder. Static was coming through it. I knelt down and asked: "So which one of you is my dream guide?" I heard static and murmurs coming from my headphone. I asked again. "Which one of you is my dream guide?" Suddenly, I hear 2 or more girls say "You are!" at the same time. I know they're saying that I am my dream guide. I rose and repeated "I am..." to not forget what happened, I decided to wake up. I told myself "I need to wake up", and I woke up to the waking world.
    13. 3/20/2014

      by , 03-21-2014 at 12:38 AM

      I was part of the walking dead (the telltale games one) and playing as a main character. We were walking next to a river and then stumbled upon a forest. Clementine was given some fruit and after she ate it she felt dizzy and passed out. When she woke up, she cloned herself or something and was grown and blonde but the young Clementine was still there. We then saw some natives. They talked to us and showed their numbers. We started arguing and their leader said "we outnumber you" I told him "You're still no match for our ranged weapons!" He showed me a blowpipe and said the same. Something happened and I yelled "Open fire! Kill them all, they'd do the same to us!" As I said that, my group opened fire and I dashed for cover. I brought up my gun and started shooting. We shot at men, women, and children. They surrendered and viewed us as gods. I started swimming in a pond and was suddenly with my uncle and Nona Rita watching a TV. The TV was playing everything that just happened, as if we were watching it.
      We were in water and it looked like we were inside something. I went to the room behind us where there was a kitchen and then further back a cave with water and wooden planks and a big rock in the middle. I remember noticing the planks made the area look like a smugglers den from Assassins Creed: Black Flag and I saw possible parkour moves on it. I told myself I would do them if I didn't have the fractured foot (which I do in the waking world). I swam around the cave but then the water started to taste gross like if it had small rocks or sand or dust. This bothered me so I got on the rock and suddenly found out that the rock was made of plastic and was hollow! I was mad and returned to my uncle telling him what I found. He went back with me and we found a trap door where water would come in. The trap door was at the bottom of the cave and water would rise up when opened. I went to a room across from the cave and TV and grabbed a flashlight and my multitool. I noticed I was wearing my Nike workout shorts and put the multitool in my left pocket. The flashlight had been on for a while so the light wasn't as bright so I asked for batteries. Nona Rita and Santino both got a lot of batteries and they gave them to me. I put in 3 batteries, ate a piece of a battery, and then went to the cave. Me and my uncle then opened the trap door, pushed a crate down, and then pulled it up, allowing fresh water to enter the cave. I was happy and could feel the freshness of the water as it came in. Outside the trap door I think was an ocean.

      It's still weird how the trap door would be on the bottom part of the cave instead of the side or top.
    14. 3/15/2014

      by , 03-15-2014 at 06:33 PM

      I was in a house in a rural area. We were making a big dinner and I went out. I found Darth Vader and invited him over. On my way back I noticed he had a lot of brass keys on a necklace. When I got back to the house, people were happy to see him but then they found out that he was with the dark side so they got upset. I knew something was gonna happen so I grabbed my P229 and put it on the small of my back. People started eating at the table and then started arguing. Suddenly a guy pulls out something and I know it's a part of a gun. Another person gets up and everyone starts fighting. I chase the guy that pulled out the part of the gun and beat him with my gun until he dies. This causes my gun to break. I can't pull the hammer down but then manage to fix it. I keep going but my gun breaks again. I start taking it apart and can't fix it to I tell myself to do something, either do a dream rewind or summon a new gun. My new gun has a blade under it and I test it out. I hear someone teleport behind me and I run. I go to the backyard where I see a pond, a campfire, and some dogs along with Ace around it. Ace had a broken leg. I decide to go back in the house and finish everything. I sneak through the front porch and the house is on fire. I see 2 guys and one of them starts attacking me. As he's coming towards me I realize I'm dreaming. He kicks me in the nuts and I close my eyes and say "When I open my eyes I will be in a small, dark room", remembering my objective for my next lucid dream. I open my eyes and I'm still in the same place. I do it again and nothing happens. Finally I decide to dream spin. I spin and spin and spin until I feel like I've done it. I stop and fall to the floor, dizzy and unable to stand up. As I'm on the ground, I know I'm in the same area I was before but later on in the night. I'm surrounded by cars. To my right is a white car, to my left is a red car that reminded me of my GF's car, and behind me is another vehicle which I think is a dark grey truck. I do reality checks. I push my finger to my hand but it doesn't go through but I can see a large indentation of where my finger is pushing on the other side of my hand. I pinch my nose but am unable to breathe. I notice my ears haven't popped and when I notice it, they do, like in the waking world. Everything feels so real. I look at my left hand and count fingers. 5 fingers and a thumb. I tell myself "That's all the proof I need" My objective for my next lucid dream was to sit down and learn to control and summon stuff in the environment. I single out a rock on the gravel and try to lift it with my mind. I hear a loud noise in the waking world and it transfers to my dream as a gunshot in the distance to my right. It distracts me and I notice my dream ending. I tell myself to dream spin but it's already to late. I lost lucidity and I wake up.

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    15. 2/22/2014

      by , 02-28-2014 at 06:26 PM

      I was at Megan's house along with her mom and a few other people. I had my Remington 870 along with the 5 slugs my roomate gave me in the waking world. I was talking to Megan about what she's been doing and she tells me how she hates who she's with. There is a car next to us and from the reflection in its' mirror, I notice it's Megan's boyfriend. He gets out and walks to a shed while holding a shotgun. I get angry because it looked like he was threatening or bulldogging me so I get my shotgun and I shoot at him in the shed. He starts shooting back but he doesn't know how to use his gun. I run out of ammo and tackle him and choke him out with my shotgun. I get up and everyone tells me I'm going to jail. I see a sheriff but then notice it's a Correction's Officer holding a brand new AR15, so I give him the shotgun. I ask Megan a few more questions and ask "Be honest; did you ever cheat on me?" She stays quiet and the totem I had turned yellow and said that she felt bad for answering. I get told that the cops are coming and I do a 'dream rewind' as I call it. I'm back right before the firefight but instead of shooting him, I run and choke him out right away. I see something and suddenly realize I'm dreaming.

      I look at my hands telling myself "stabilize the dream! "I go bast the barn and I'm on NM47. I remember what I read about activating my senses so I kneel down and touch the pavement with my finger. The pavement then has a hole with eggs in it and I grab and eat one. No taste but it was runny. The egg was uncooked. My shemagh was in my eye, causing it to hurt so I adjusted it. I pinched my arm and felt like it was getting pinched. I hit my thigh with something but it didn't hurt. I saw a car about to pass so I said "It's time" and ran along with it. I acted as if I was doing parkour on the street but there were no obstacles so I was just imitating the moves. A white and black sports car came to my left and I raised my right hand, summoned a flame, and launched a fireball at the car, causing it to explode. I saw a truck in the distance and sped up to catch it. I looked at my hands to stabilize the dream again. I was then in a village on some plains. There were hills to the right and blue mountains to the left. I was on the roofs running from one and jumping to the other. There were two kids playing and saying they were Lucid Dreaming. I jumped between them and said happily, "No, I'm lucid dreaming!" I grabbed one of the kids and told him "I haven't seen water in one of my dreams for a while so let there be water!" I pointed to the hills but then changed my mind. I spun him around and pointed to the mountains. After a few seconds, a huge wave of blue water came over the top of the mountains. I ran away and the village was engulfed by water. Rain started pouring down.
      I found an even smaller village with brown roads and grass. The colors were vibrant and it looked familiar. It almost looked like the texture of it was from minecraft. I remembered what I wanted to do in my first lucid dream: Hug my mom goodbye. I looked for a specific structure and entered it, taking an elevator to the basement. I noticed the marble floors and the weird design they had. I stood in a small room and my mom appeared. She looked like a zombie and she was very weak. I went to hug her but it was hard to do so. My dream was fading and I sensed that I was going to wake up soon. An orb appeared at the bottom of my vision and it would block my view as it raised. I figured I'd have to return another time because when the orb consumed my vision, I peacefully woke up.

      The dream was hard to control and I know I didn't have a high level of lucidity but I was still lucid. Next time, I'll strive for a higher lucidity level. Upon further reasearch, I believe I lost lucidity when I looked at my hands when I reached the truck. Maybe even before that. I know I was lucid after blowing up the car, though.
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