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    1. 9/2/2014

      by , 09-17-2014 at 02:40 AM

      I was playing Castle TD and the objective was to defend some eggs while they hatched. I was successful, so I went into the apartments with Laurie. Laurie was complaining because I said that I was breathing dangerous gas. I was then outside working out and doing some stuff with 2 of my cars. Nikki kept getting out of the apartment. I saw some skater kids and started talking smack to them. Moments later, cops showed up and asked me about it, me denying everything. A cop pushed a kid and he thought I did it so I took him down and cuffed him. The cops were gonna take me in so they tried cuffing me but I didn't let them. I saw that one cop was cuffed so I grabbed the other cuff and put it on another cop and ran. I ran and headed towards Rebecca's apartment, where I was going to hide, but remembered that they might look for me there. I ran towards Kayla's apartment but got the wrong one. I saw an Air Force helicopter with cops in it looking for me. I ran and got in the right apartment where I asked for help. I asked if I should turn myself in or just be a hardened criminal.

      The day before, I was playing Castle TD and asked myself "I play this game quite often, I wonder why I don't have any dreams about it."

      I was watching an extra episode on the game The Walking Dead. The girl went on about how so much changed after she saved someone and got back on the boat. She then left her group, which was turning corrupt.

      I was at an agency that I've been at in one of my lucid dreams. I was picking up money and didn't know all the paperwork that had to be signed but once they asked me for the time, I noticed my watch was weird. I was about to jump up and say that I was in a dream but I didn't, in case I wasn't. I counted my fingers and counted 5 but since I was being rushed, I wasn't able to keep doing reality checks.
    2. 6/x/2014

      by , 06-20-2014 at 04:31 AM

      I accidentally deleted this dream along with countless others a few days ago. I'm rewriting this as best as I can remember.

      I was in some sort of apartment complex, which reminded me of the one I live in. I saw 3 kids playing, two boys and a girl. They were blue and looked like aliens. Because they looked like aliens, I tried shooting them. I stopped and wondered why there are aliens in the apartment complex. I counted my fingers and due to my hand having more than 5 fingers, I became lucid.
      I felt happy and thought of what to do. My lucidity started to fade and I said "Don't wake me up yet!", which made my lucidity increase. I said "Now I fly" and started to hover and rise. I went through the roof of a building and hovered above the roof of the building I was outside of. Further out, I could see tall apartments like the ones in Venezuela. I put my arms out like superman and tried to fly to a roof but instead of flying towards it, I flew away from it, backwards. I wondered if I had read anything on this and how to fix it, but couldn't think of anything. Impulsively, I moved my legs as if I was swimming but it didn't work. I landed on a roof, still looking at my target. My lucidity must have started to fade again because I yelled "Increase Lucidity!" It worked a little so I yelled "Increase Lucidity to Lucidity Max!" (cheesy I know) It made everything clear and it's the highest lucidity I've reached yet. I looked down and, being a little scared, I jumped down to a roof under me. I ran across rooftops, doing parkour. It felt so good to run and not get tired.
      Once I reached another roof, I looked up at the sky, which was filled with grey clouds, as if it was going to rain. I wondered what it meant so I looked at a pile of mattresses that were next to me and asked "What does that sky represent?" I heard noise but no voices. I needed to try a human. I heard people talking behind me so I turned around and saw a group of girls talking on some grass near a tree. I hovered down to the grass and walked towards them. There was a girl laying on her stomach and I said "That girl sucks dick now" and a penis came out from the ground and she started sucking it! I laughed because it reminded me of that one pokemon. The other girls looked intrigued. I walked up to a chubby girl with dirty blonde hair and asked her "What does that sky represent?" We both looked back at the sky, which had a bit more sunlight and visible godrays. We looked back at each other and she told me "You need to have sex." I was surprised at the answer and told her "I can't; I won't. I've been good for 8 months," reminding myself of my purity streak. She laughed and responded "8 months? You wouldn't last 8 minutes under temptation." I thought about the answer and knew she was right. I got up and grabbed her shorts and pulled them down. She told me something about hurrying and I proceeded to have anal sex with her, which felt so good I slowly lost lucidity and woke up.

      So far, this is my favorite Lucid dream
    3. 4/23/2014

      by , 04-23-2014 at 07:34 PM

      I was playing Dishonored and saw an ultra hard difficulty setting so I started playing on that. It was arena type mode with challenges every stage. I was actually in the game fighting and had access to the power selection wheel. The first challenge was to get people to kill each other without me killing them. I went through many challenges and a lot of fighting but as I was running from 2 women and a lot of monsters, I entered a room and said "Alright I'm done" because I was so tired. I got congratulated for making it so far by the girls chasing me and had a man on a computer take pictures of me and them. I saw a digital picture frame with other people who I knew got top scores and among them were some of my family members. The girls told me they were going back home and I was teleported onto the ocean where I was swimming.
      There were a lot of sea creatures and I was swimming along side some whales, who reminded me of one of the girls. The dream reminded me of the dream I had on 4/21/2014, where I was sailing the ocean with my family on a car. I saw plenty of cars but this time they were headed towards me. I said "Here I come!" and saw a boat speeding towards me. Suddenly a helicopter comes and its rotors cause me to get blown away. I pretend I'm taking apart an easter egg and suddenly become lucid.
      I'm floating on the water and at the tip of my fingers, an easter egg that looks like a yellow bunny. I remember the water being deep. I opened the easter in half. The bottom portion had a green toy or figurine. The top portion had a yellow and tan toy/figurine. I took them both out and bit into each. It hurt my tooth because they were a hard plastic. I looked at them and read their information on the back of the toys. It said where they were made, by what company, copyrights, etc. I came to shore onto a facility and thought I'd prank a dream character. I said "I want a person to be here" and as I walked, I saw my cat Lucy. I added, "a person that's not Lucy!" I stepped up to the facility doors and a man asked me to identify. I know I've been there before and knew what to do and say. I said my name and that I was wearing black. I took off my duty belt which didn't have anything on it and stepped through. I saw a janitor, who was old and fat and told him to follow me outside. My plan was to make him go outside and have to get access to the facility again. He was suspicious of me and said "If you're trying to make me come out, I have a badge to get in" he then proceeded to tell me how the badge was not his and he actually stole it. I yelled at him to give me the badge but he ran away, outside of the facility and into some sort of cave. I lost lucidity and started yelling at nothing for a badge then slowly started to wake up.

      Before bed, I stayed up a long time repeating to myself "I open easter eggs" and imagining me opening easter eggs. While I was walking out, the janitor asked me for the time and I looked at my watch and told him some weird time. My lucidity was low during this dream.

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    4. 4/15/2014

      by , 04-16-2014 at 04:58 AM

      I was on a ship filled with people when someone threw a homemade bomb into the crowd. The bomb got tossed around like if it was a "hot potato" and it finally blew up on some guy. He went flying and we thought he was dead but he slowly got up and started running off the ship. His head was blown open and I could see his brain. While he was running off me and a girl chased after him, especially the girl but I realized he was too wounded. I said "That guy is wolf food now..." We were then in an island and as we were getting back into a bus, I started fighting people. I beat up a lot of them but then I got thrown off the bus. I was locked out but some girls that were in the bus were nice enough to hand me a few bottles of water. I told the girls I'd be back to help them. I went into a big house that looked more like a motel on the inside. There was a TV playing music and as I walked towards it, I said "I haven't had a sad dream in a while." A fat lady was walking towards me and I asked her "If this were a dream, would I be able to change the song to a song from Tangled?" The replied
      Yes, but it would play before the current song" That confused me but all the talk about dreams made me do a reality check. I started counting my fingers and noticed I had a lot of them. I realized I was dreaming.
      I looked around the house and there were a lot of stuff on the counters. I noticed my dream blurring and getting disoriented so I rubbed my hands and then looked at them to stabilize the dream. I faced the TV and tried to make fireballs but the only results were sparks or embers coming out of my fingers. I thought about maybe taking a pill that would give me the ability to use fireballs but didn't. I flicked my index, middle finger, and thumb, which caused a glowing crescent to come out and fly towards what I pointed. The crescent curved in the way my palm faced. I tried different positions of my palm and the crescent would react to how my hand was. I turned around and went down some stairs into a dark room. I flipped a light switch and a few lights started to go on. I yelled while raising my hands "Let there be light!" and the room lit up. I looked at stuff on the counter and then decided to go back upstairs and into another room where I heard Blacksher calling out to L. Hernandez. The place looked like Denise's room. I saw Desirae on a counter laying down. I asked her why she was there and she said she was sick to her stomach. I asked with what and she said with Vygil or something. She looked really pale. I then went to Blacksher and she was saying something and I wanted her to shut up so ducktape replaced her mouth. She was trying to talk and had green skin. I let her have her mouth again and left towards Desirae. All 3 cats were there and I wanted Lucy to turn into a tiger. I pointed to Bugaloo but realized it was Bugaloo. I saw Lucy and flicked a crescent on her and she started turning into a tiger.

      I believe in this dream my lucidity was low, since it didn't feel as real as previous lucid dreams. I could still control myself, though. As for the Glowing Crescents, I'm going to use that as a way to point to things that I want to change, like I did with Lucy. If I want to change, for example, a tv into a radio, I'll use a Glowing Crescent on it while. I think this will help me with changing stuff.
    5. 3/20/2014

      by , 03-21-2014 at 12:38 AM

      I was part of the walking dead (the telltale games one) and playing as a main character. We were walking next to a river and then stumbled upon a forest. Clementine was given some fruit and after she ate it she felt dizzy and passed out. When she woke up, she cloned herself or something and was grown and blonde but the young Clementine was still there. We then saw some natives. They talked to us and showed their numbers. We started arguing and their leader said "we outnumber you" I told him "You're still no match for our ranged weapons!" He showed me a blowpipe and said the same. Something happened and I yelled "Open fire! Kill them all, they'd do the same to us!" As I said that, my group opened fire and I dashed for cover. I brought up my gun and started shooting. We shot at men, women, and children. They surrendered and viewed us as gods. I started swimming in a pond and was suddenly with my uncle and Nona Rita watching a TV. The TV was playing everything that just happened, as if we were watching it.
      We were in water and it looked like we were inside something. I went to the room behind us where there was a kitchen and then further back a cave with water and wooden planks and a big rock in the middle. I remember noticing the planks made the area look like a smugglers den from Assassins Creed: Black Flag and I saw possible parkour moves on it. I told myself I would do them if I didn't have the fractured foot (which I do in the waking world). I swam around the cave but then the water started to taste gross like if it had small rocks or sand or dust. This bothered me so I got on the rock and suddenly found out that the rock was made of plastic and was hollow! I was mad and returned to my uncle telling him what I found. He went back with me and we found a trap door where water would come in. The trap door was at the bottom of the cave and water would rise up when opened. I went to a room across from the cave and TV and grabbed a flashlight and my multitool. I noticed I was wearing my Nike workout shorts and put the multitool in my left pocket. The flashlight had been on for a while so the light wasn't as bright so I asked for batteries. Nona Rita and Santino both got a lot of batteries and they gave them to me. I put in 3 batteries, ate a piece of a battery, and then went to the cave. Me and my uncle then opened the trap door, pushed a crate down, and then pulled it up, allowing fresh water to enter the cave. I was happy and could feel the freshness of the water as it came in. Outside the trap door I think was an ocean.

      It's still weird how the trap door would be on the bottom part of the cave instead of the side or top.
    6. 2/22/2014

      by , 02-28-2014 at 06:26 PM

      I was at Megan's house along with her mom and a few other people. I had my Remington 870 along with the 5 slugs my roomate gave me in the waking world. I was talking to Megan about what she's been doing and she tells me how she hates who she's with. There is a car next to us and from the reflection in its' mirror, I notice it's Megan's boyfriend. He gets out and walks to a shed while holding a shotgun. I get angry because it looked like he was threatening or bulldogging me so I get my shotgun and I shoot at him in the shed. He starts shooting back but he doesn't know how to use his gun. I run out of ammo and tackle him and choke him out with my shotgun. I get up and everyone tells me I'm going to jail. I see a sheriff but then notice it's a Correction's Officer holding a brand new AR15, so I give him the shotgun. I ask Megan a few more questions and ask "Be honest; did you ever cheat on me?" She stays quiet and the totem I had turned yellow and said that she felt bad for answering. I get told that the cops are coming and I do a 'dream rewind' as I call it. I'm back right before the firefight but instead of shooting him, I run and choke him out right away. I see something and suddenly realize I'm dreaming.

      I look at my hands telling myself "stabilize the dream! "I go bast the barn and I'm on NM47. I remember what I read about activating my senses so I kneel down and touch the pavement with my finger. The pavement then has a hole with eggs in it and I grab and eat one. No taste but it was runny. The egg was uncooked. My shemagh was in my eye, causing it to hurt so I adjusted it. I pinched my arm and felt like it was getting pinched. I hit my thigh with something but it didn't hurt. I saw a car about to pass so I said "It's time" and ran along with it. I acted as if I was doing parkour on the street but there were no obstacles so I was just imitating the moves. A white and black sports car came to my left and I raised my right hand, summoned a flame, and launched a fireball at the car, causing it to explode. I saw a truck in the distance and sped up to catch it. I looked at my hands to stabilize the dream again. I was then in a village on some plains. There were hills to the right and blue mountains to the left. I was on the roofs running from one and jumping to the other. There were two kids playing and saying they were Lucid Dreaming. I jumped between them and said happily, "No, I'm lucid dreaming!" I grabbed one of the kids and told him "I haven't seen water in one of my dreams for a while so let there be water!" I pointed to the hills but then changed my mind. I spun him around and pointed to the mountains. After a few seconds, a huge wave of blue water came over the top of the mountains. I ran away and the village was engulfed by water. Rain started pouring down.
      I found an even smaller village with brown roads and grass. The colors were vibrant and it looked familiar. It almost looked like the texture of it was from minecraft. I remembered what I wanted to do in my first lucid dream: Hug my mom goodbye. I looked for a specific structure and entered it, taking an elevator to the basement. I noticed the marble floors and the weird design they had. I stood in a small room and my mom appeared. She looked like a zombie and she was very weak. I went to hug her but it was hard to do so. My dream was fading and I sensed that I was going to wake up soon. An orb appeared at the bottom of my vision and it would block my view as it raised. I figured I'd have to return another time because when the orb consumed my vision, I peacefully woke up.

      The dream was hard to control and I know I didn't have a high level of lucidity but I was still lucid. Next time, I'll strive for a higher lucidity level. Upon further reasearch, I believe I lost lucidity when I looked at my hands when I reached the truck. Maybe even before that. I know I was lucid after blowing up the car, though.
    7. 2/20/2014

      by , 02-27-2014 at 05:39 AM

      I was in a warzone in a city. We were fighting the enemy with no clear objective. The city was big and it had buildings like that in New York City. The sun was setting and the fire and flames from the battle made the area even more orange. I ended up on a roof and shot someone I then went to shoot another person that was in the building across from me but stopped. I was a women wearing the USMC dress uniform. She had no cap and her hair looked like C Sanchez's hair but I don't think it was her. I knew she was an enemy. She stood over the chest were an ally of mine was and put down some flowers. I knew she was paying tributes to him. She looked at me, waiting to get shot but I dropped my weapon and stood at attention and saluted her. I was wearing the Air Force dress uniform and there was a man behind me to my left. I think he was an ally. I jumped off the room and committed suicide. I was teleported to a street and say an armored van driving by. I jumped on it and tried to hijack it. The drivers, who was a man and a woman, got out and I asked for a ride. After a while, they agreed. I got dropped off at a trailer home where a skinny man and two fat women were. I prepared a sandwich with cheese and lettuce and I think chicken. The man was leaving and I went outside. Alex was there and she hugged me. I knew we were dating and I told her to be careful and we kissed good-bye. The woman in uniform was in a building and she was standing in an office with the window blown off. I committed suicide because I saw compassion in the enemy and didn't want the fighting to continue, hoping others would see and stop fighting.
    8. 2/20/2014

      by , 02-27-2014 at 05:32 AM

      In my first dream, I was standing in the middle of somewhere and it was raining. This scene was very similar to the dream I had the night before.

      In my next dream, I was an assassin and was in a place that looked like a temple. There was water between the walkways that were made of stone. That's where I was hiding. Instead of killing people, I would have sex with them.

      A helicopter crashed in my next dream and me and three other people were in it. We got out and zombies started attacking us. It was like Left4Dead but I had no useful weapons. We went inside a building that looked like a mall and I struggled to find weapons while killing zombies. My team didn't seem to care about me and would advance even if I was in trouble. I managed to grab and electric razor and that's what I used as a weapon even though it was useless.
    9. 2/15/2014

      by , 02-27-2014 at 05:18 AM

      I was at work but in a barbershop. It was my Friday so I wasn't worried about overtime. Suddenly, I notice it's 8pm and an older woman tells me I'll be staying until 10. I get in my car and call Desirae but see her in the parking lot that looks like the one in Los Lunas High. I ask her if she's stalking me and we start talking. The woman shows up and I saw "You know it's my Friday, right?" she says, "Yeah well we're all working." I get out to go back to work and we see an airline plane. We hear that he won't make it to the runway behind us from that height. The airplane does a backspin but it fails and the plane crashes right after I exclaim that the pilot is an idiot. There is a huge explosion with fire and smoke everywhere around the crash site. I yell at Desirae to get the camera and I run into the bathroom to pee. I notice the toilet water is deep blue and start peeing. When I started peeing in my dream, I was also peeing in the waking world.
    10. 2/15/2014

      by , 02-27-2014 at 05:12 AM

      It was bid change at work and I was ready to go work at the tower. I was talking to A. Rel in the staff cafeteria. The cafeteria had huge windows and almost looked like an airport food court. People started telling me that bid change was actually the next day.

      I was a contestant in some srt of puzzle game. I got put in a huge warehouse with many rooms were I had to solve puzzles. I had a pistol and a partner that could turn into my dog Ace. My partner started getting stupid so I beat him and a few other people. When I entered the next room, I had a menu that would tell me the objective and difficulty of the room. The difficulty was one star which meant 'Very Easy'. I had to look for stuff that didn't belong in the room. Suddenly, the difficulty stars started increasing then reseting and increasing again. Other stats were saying that my mental health and other attributes were being lost. I quickly ran into the next area, pulled the curtain to the side, and entered the room. It was Halloween themed and there were skulls and scarecrow-looking things with black dresses. I started panicking and feeling fear when I couldn't figure out what to do. I had my pistol out while I was running through the room.I woke up when my girlfriend moved in bed.
    11. 2/13/2014

      by , 02-27-2014 at 05:02 AM

      I had mostly fragments last night. The two I can remember had to do with inmates.

      On my first one, I was coming into Los Lunas from I-25 north. L. Sanchez was driving and the light was green. There were many cars on the lane going from our left to our right. Sanchez didn't want to turn left while other cars were also turning despite there being two lanes. I got mad but eventually he turned. The sun was setting in this dream.

      I was in a room with a bunk bed. There were a few people in there and there were also a lot of tools. People were taking the tools. I was taking some and B. Joe was also. We ended up staying last. I remember a window in the room and it looked like we were in a very tall building. I grabbed Joe, got somethings, and asked when he gets out. He said in 5 days and I took my necklace off, removed the handcuff key, and threw the cross at him, telling him to keep it.
    12. 2/11/2014

      by , 02-27-2014 at 04:56 AM
      I was in a big crowd in a stadium and the girl directing the show called me out to be on the stage. I went down and there were 12 women on stage and 11 had no shirts on. The one without a shirt was a beautiful brunette with big breasts and a green shirt. While the show was going, I would jump around the things they had on stage. The crowd got mad and the girl directing the show asked why I was doing that. I stood there for a second or two before saying I was excited because I had over 10 boobs in front of me. The show girls seemed disappointed and the men in the crowd cheered while the women booed. The announcer said I shouldn't of said that cus of the female crowd. Then, the lights changed and some black dude started jumping from colored board to colored board. The whole stadium then started walking towards some event. We had backpacks with equipment because it was going to be a few days' trip. We came to a stop when some kid that exclaimed he was a swimmer dunked a basketball. There was a huge board and beyond it, water. We had to go through it but no one wanted to get wet. I tried scaling around the wall but it was difficult since it was eaten up by the water. Once I made it up, I couldn't run because there were twigs and branches and I didn't have any shoes on. I jumped back down and the water was almost gone but was rising. A few people were with me and I let them know. I ran back towards the crowd and jumped on a platform that was next to a wall. I noticed a huge gold statue holding up a torch. The statue was were the city was and it was facing away from us. The huge statue was the Colossus. The water got too high and I had to dive in. When I did, the weight the weight of my backpack caused me to do a front flip while underwater. I made it to ground but was the only one there. I found an old man in the old medieval-looking city and we teamed up. I told him we would loot the cars for supplies but we needed shelter from enemies and the cold. The first house in front of us would put us in the paths our enemies would take so we went around the corner into an alley and into a small home. Once we entered, the old man asked me to find anything weird in the room. I started going up the stairs when a closet door started opening behind me. I went down and there was a spirit. I hit it and suddenly, the old man was a zombie skeleton. I struck him with my sword and he tried to run so I chased after him. I killed him using a lightning spell. My hand had a glove with lights that would turn off depending on how much mana I had left. The old man then appeared out of hiding. He showed me what he found and we acquired minor supplies and useful melee weapons and magical supplies.
    13. 2/6/2014

      by , 02-22-2014 at 09:24 PM

      I did a reality check last night. My right hand was scorched again and I had 6 Fingers. Upon realizing that, I woke up.

      Later in the night, I dreamt that I was in a big city with a college campus called CNM. I was doing parkour in the parking lot. I got there in a blue truck and some girl with thick black hair took me there. She was driving around the campus while I did parkour. I then made it onto a structure that was on a tree and got on the roof. The roof started breaking wherever I would step on it and I felt something bite my left toe. I grabbed the ladder and started heading down when my right arm got stuck. I looked into the structure but but couldn't see anything so i shinned my flashlight in there. I noticed my old shoes I used to wear before I switched to minimalist shoes and field mice appeared, wanting to bite me. I felt fear, hoping they wouldn't give me any diseases. I swatted them away with my flashlight.

      Before arriving at CNM, I think I was watching the campus via helicopter view on the news and discussing it with the girl and an older man.
    14. 2/4/2014

      by , 02-21-2014 at 12:54 AM
      False Awakening

      Last night was strange. I think I had a false awakening and was close to lucidity before that. I had plenty of dreams but the important one was early in the night.

      I was standing on train tracks in a snowy area. There was a train stopped on the tracks to mi right. At first, I thought I was seeing myself in third person but I discovered it was a clone or something of me. He had camera equipment and was yelling "It's not gonna happen!" to a group of people. I knew they were getting ready to film me while I was lucid. I realized this but didn't think it was true because my clone kept saying "you're awake! Look!" My view changed and I was staying at the TV in my GF's room, laying in bed. The vision was cloudy and the TV was off. I then re-appeared in my 'dream'. I did a reality check: Looked at my hands. At first, it was difficult but I managed to do it. My hands looked stockier and bigger than usual and were a dark color, as if they were burned or scorched. I kept looking at my hands but my clone kept saying "You can't do it, you're already awake! You're thinking this!" I was still looking at my hands when the world around me started shaking uncontrollably until I woke up.

      In my next dream, I was in my room looking down at my rat, Juanita. She was out of her cage, under my chair. I noticed something red in her left eye and when she turned her face, her eye had been torn off. She was oozing blood and I suspected one of the other rats did it. I yelled something and ended up waking up, agitated.
    15. 2/3/2014

      by , 02-21-2014 at 12:38 AM

      I was a pirate last night. I had a crew of about 5 and we would look for treasures in the ocean. We'd have to fight monsters to get the objects from them. While on an island surrounded by mountains, my crew started a mutiny. I got off my frigate and began assassinating my former crew.
      I was then on land with a nearby lake battling magicians with a group of new people, still having to collect the objects.
      Again, I was teleported to an underground basement.I ran out and exited onto a beautiful green, grassy field with a lake, trees, and blue mountains with snow on them to the East. My objective was to drink water and get to another basement as fast as possible. The basement was a testing station. Many young kids were being tested in combatives with medieval weapons.
      For the third time, I was teleported back to the first basement. I proceeded to run towards the second one again. I saw a house, a well with muddy, salty water that I didn't want to drink, and the basement I first came out of. I saw a vision of a map and it showed where I had to go. As I ran, I saw a huge castle surrounded by walls. I thought maybe that was a small town. I also saw a structure right in front of the walls, and what looked like a cave further down to the left. Another castle was parallel to the cave. When I passed it, the basement was right behind it. I proceeded down in a hurry. I noticed an old man talking to a young boy who was sitting cross-legged. I grabbed the ladder, hit my feet on the ground, and teleported to the testing chamber. All of the contestants I saw were preteen girls.

      This is one of my favorites dreams. The place I saw while running was calming and it's probably the place I'd love to camp out or live at.

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