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    Apartment Hunt - Fragments

    by , 03-07-2013 at 08:27 PM (879 Views)
    Friday, 8th of March

    Really proud of myself, I have recalled two dreams in two days!


    Ok, this was like a half awake half asleep dream that took place just before I woke up, so, it was pretty vivid although I moved around a lot when I woke, slowly killing most memory of it.

    Dream Fragment 1:

    Ok, so I was in some sort of apartment complex or building more like, with my two friends P and C, and we were looking for places to stay, looking around at rooms that were available and having a look inside, all the normal things, the dream then skipped.

    Dream Fragment 2:

    The dream skipped from us looking to me having an apartment but the others not, they both needed somewhere to stay and I remember telling them that one of them can stay with me, we had some sort of competition to decided who that person would be and the other bad to get their own.


    Was feeling pretty happy this morning, good sleep, it's the end of the week, nice weather and a recalled dream to top it all off!

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    1. PennyRoyal's Avatar
      Two nights in a row, awww yea!

      'atta boy. Next stop, LD master.
    2. Phased's Avatar

      That's the goal! - only a matter of time now