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    Dream Journal

    by , 02-28-2013 at 08:35 PM (464 Views)
    Friday, 1st of March.

    -Sadly, I did not recall any dreams again last night, I need to work on my recall a bit harder.

    I awoke feeling fairly normal at first, this turned into frustration as I could not recall my dreams.
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    1. PennyRoyal's Avatar
      It's alright, don't get frustrated.

      I recalled 4 dreams the night before last, and I got nothing last night.. it happens. Just do like you did now and write that you had no recall last night.

      Make sure you get plenty of sleep!
    2. gab's Avatar
      Recall fluctuates, sometimes for no apparent reason. But frustration just brings negative thoughts to the idea of dreams, and you should be thinking happy thoughts about dreaming.

      When you don't recall anything, write in DJ "my memory is good and recall is getting better every day". If your mind hears you think that, it will believe that it's the truth and it will help you achieve it.

      When you remember a dream or fragment, be happy and thankful. It helps your mind to associate you having dreams, remembering them with you being happy, and since your mind works for you, it will do everything to help you with that.

      A simple mantra "I remember my dreams" or "I wake up after every dream and remember it" repeated as you falling asleep does wonders. Happy dreams
    3. Phased's Avatar
      Thanks guys! Just got home, was good to read this

      -I will try Mantras again tonight.