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    1. Rollerskating the Cosmic Palmistric Postborder

      by , 12-24-2010 at 09:03 AM
      I am in a self-improvement or psychedelic video game of some kind. The start of the game should be really awesome and soothing, but I don’t remember it. All I remember is that the theme was space and the universe and the music was soothing yet energetic and upbeat. The reason was that my clock radio was playing Maudlin of the Well’s Part the Second (it’s a free downloadable great CD for those interested, check out maudlinofthewell.net). This wasn’t astral travel or anything, but still more than normally relaxing, and it felt symbolic, important.

      I finish the video game or whatever, as the fourth track ends, as my mind equates it with the ending of a level. Then the credits sequence follows the start of the fifth track and its just as relaxing as anything, still interactive.
      Some time into it, I make it to this giant wall on a metallic planet, with lots of little nodes on it. I have to follow the notes. I have little fragments of other things going on, especially that I met people in a house in between, but alas. As I climb it, I communicate with an old lady sitting at the far end of the well, that she should climb it too. It frustrates me a bit how slowly she reacts. I think I had known her in the past in the dream. Was she the elderly form of a love-interest? It wasn’t as much climbing as getting transported by the nodes, and it wasn’t as much a wall as… several sides of a huge cubical object. When I get up there and look out into the distance, I see a planet that is metallic like the one I am on. I immediately realize what’s going to happen, and literally clap and cheer. The planet is somehow the one I am one, but not, and I somehow know that it is captured by a fascist party, that I throughout the dream debated back and forth whether was nazi or that was too obvious and stupid a target for the occasion. I knew what was going to happen as if though I had seen it before, perhaps on the back of the jewelcase. The moment feels all romantic and perfect, I don’t think the woman ever made it up, because my mind had sort of forgotten about her, but everything about her as she was there pointed towards that she would make it up to witness the explosion, and that’s how I treat it. That far off planet, that is also our own, is blown up. These massive solar-flame-like beams hit the planet, and it explodes. This is somehow a good thing, the symbolic death of the fascist party. The explosion is one of those where you just see a single extending circle of energy. At first I thought it was disappointing, but then sparks started flying where the planet had been, and the lightshow really started. My vision was sort of zooming slowly in on the planet.

      What happened afterwards I don’t remember. I want to think that yet again something new and amazing happened, but that might just be my recollection of the first time the “game” extended. All I remember was that when the fifth and final track was over, I woke up.

      And this was sort of conceptually a video game, but felt like so much more, and I forgot about that fact.

      That was a nice Christmas present.

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      non-lucid , memorable
    2. Recruitment by the enemy; in a futuristic portrait

      by , 12-17-2010 at 07:04 AM


      I go by the spot where my work once was. A witty coworker drops by outside with some boxes in hand. Its way too late to be around worktime, so I ask him wittily “what he is doing there!” He starts wittily running off. He looks slightly different than normal, generally… smaller… I think he had been shaved and was wearing more sparce clothing.
      Then I stumble into some other guys. I think they had a certain nationality to them. They take me in and I sit at a table with them. They are taking over the place where my work once was. At first I was like “I won’t work with the enemy!” But then they started arguing for ot with hints of accents. Something like “that big corporation quelled all the opposition like in a game of monopoly.” I asked them if they weren’t doing the same. They were, but the sin is bigger when it’s a big company. At that point I say “okay, I can’t really argue with that” (I could) but remain pondering and with a disapproved look on my face.

      #2 - Fragment

      I remember being in this dense little metropolitan perhaps futuristic cityscape in Denmark. There was this building on an upper floor called “The Danish In-breeding of horses factory”.

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      non-lucid , dream fragment
    3. Museum Fragment; Havoc in the Fields of Snow; Homework

      by , 12-10-2010 at 08:32 AM
      I am in a museum or a zoo, that holds lots of weird animals. I am together with someone. We fight some of these animals and gain power-ups and shit. It gets harder and harder


      I am on a quest with some people from my school and some new DCs. We have been many places, constantly wandering and fighting. We were generally breezing through, and collected various artifacts and power-ups. Towards the end, we are wandering around some snowy plains. I think everything goes too slowly, so I move on a head, and find a shortcut through the spiral-shaped area by simply jumping down to the lower leve. I start meeting resistance, winther warriors. They are all very eak: old or injured. I fight tem and take them out, just wanting to clear he area so I get peace, but a new one keeps bumping into me just before the place is clear. I end up just running around, causing a havoc, because this is so easy. I find this bird/ostricht like anial thing and jump ontop of it and hold on while
      It runs around. I can now see to the higher levels of the plain and wave and yell to the rest of my party, who haven’t been in nearly as big a wreck yet. One of them sees it and tells the others. In the end, we start retreating because this was apparently the wrong way to go. I take te bird with me, carrying it. While we are leaving, one of the winther-people come up. The entire party turns around when she does, led by the leader. I go up to her “you want this back?” “Yes” “Sorry, I don’t know why I thought I ad the right to..” “yeah”. The reason I thought I had the right to… was that once again it all felt like a video game. But I give her the bird and she throws this thing so it lands in my hand, even though I didn’t hold my hand up. It was a little square object, looking like a fruit or a candy. It was pink and had certain holds and patterns in it. The other people told me what its name was, something incromprhensible, and said that it was th e biggest and ugliest type of such they had ever seen.


      I am at home, doing homework with a girl from class I generally don’t have much to do with. It takes us ages to finish one assignment. I get frustrated, but don’t know if it is her fault. She takes a bath later on. I am only wearing pyjamas. I go around looking out of the windows. My flat is completely dark in the dream for some reason.
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    4. Taxi Driver

      by , 12-09-2010 at 03:56 AM
      I am taxi driver or something. I think there are three of us that are friends and as such sort of driving in line with a little space in between. The two other guys stop at like a café somewhere. I go back to find them. One of their cars gets stolen, but I, we, take it rather lightly. When we leave the café, the narrator is an author of a popular thriller saga, announcing that his little campaign has concluded, where people could recommend alternate ways in which to gruesomely yet effectively kill someone, and that he now knows a way that is “stupidly effective”.
    5. "Why aren't you playing drums?" "Because I was never part of this band" "This is absurd!"

      by , 12-08-2010 at 03:36 AM
      I am together with my friend and this one guy. The guy is criticizing our way of playing music together or something. Because we aren’t. (ACTION) I remember him going like “who plays drums on this track?!” and I say it isn’t me and he’s all like “this is absurd!” And I argue that I am not very good at drums and there never was a project to begin with, so why Is it so important that its me. But he manages to make us think that we had a project between us to record a track (ACTION), and we end up taking on that duty. So we climb this hill and suddenly my cousin is there too. My friend goes down on the otherside while me and my cousin stands at the top for a while. There are frogs everywhere. We use these frogs for something, we throw with them or something (ACTION). This sort of melts into a game of standing still, that I could recognize in the dream (INNER AWARENESS), where men pretended to be insects and animals and had territories chalked up on the ground. If you entered a territory, they would jump around and do something, dazing you. In this daze, you would often wander into a different territory, and get that ball rolling. (ACTION)

      When I get down to my friend at the other side afterwards, we promptly agree about something with the way that people treat music that is illinformed and destructive for us “professionals”. (INNER AWARENESS)
    6. Killing a loved one

      by , 12-07-2010 at 07:46 AM

      I am in this game. (INNER AWARENESS) It’s one of those dreams where I dream I know the area and have been there before (INNER AWARENESS, beat the game before, So I am a small as a mouse, and I think I was summoned to where I was by Pinky and the Brain (INNER AWARENESS, FORM). I was following this zipline that probably had some every-day purpose since I was so small. I was together with a girl. At this point I didn’t know much about her. When I got up to an upper floor, I triggered this cutscene where a guy started talking. I never saw him, but the girl spits and say “pfft, you’re just a butterfly!” in a pissed off voice. We venture into a corner that is a dead end and back out. Then there is a memory lapse.

      Suddenly I stand at the end of the game. I dunno, in the dream, I think the game is F.E.A.R.(INNER AWARENESS) It really felt so recognizable in the dream, as if though I should know what game it is. First, I am with a boy. I am possessed by someone, standing in an ominous plane, and I kill the boy, quickly and deadly. Then time jumps back and this time it’s the girl standing in front of me. This time I see her, I fall absolutely in love. In hindsight, she wasn’t that beautiful, but I felt in the dream as if though she had proven her worth as an admirable person in the memory lapse. I perceived her as highly intelligent and loving. Jesus Christ was I wild about her in the dream. Physically, she looked a bit like Hermione, but her hair was less flowing, and more boxshaped right around her face, from where it extended to long, fuzzy hair. She was wearing a slightly futuristic battle armor, slightly akin to a F.E.A.R. clone’s armor, and she had a rifle. She says something I can’t remember, but it was sympathetic and smart. But of course, shit happens. This is the same scene as before, like an alternate ending. So this time I kill her, while possessed. I don’t know who possessed me, but I sort of saw Paxton Fettel lie dead on the ground a couple a times, along with other bodies I don’t remember. It might have been his dying vengeance.

      Now that was fucking painful, and if it wasn’t enough, I get to rewind and see the fucking last ending, where I kill her again, painfully. It was painful the first time too, not like with the boy. I slap her across the face repeatedly, with inhuman speed, until she dies.

      God damn it. And I was one of the most happy people when falling asleep that night, what the hell.

      Inner Awareness 42 Action 70 Form 53 Context 47
      non-lucid , memorable
    7. 1/12/10

      by , 12-03-2010 at 08:58 PM
      This one might scare some people. I am not sure what policy affects it. Viewer discretion is advised.

      Grizzly in a psychedelic kind of way. Scary and ominous, but it brought me nothing but fascination.

      I am in a bus with my mother. Apparently I have decided to kill myself, for I get off and abandon her, thinking forever, at the world's hotspot for suicide. There are people everywhere, jumping into the air and falling back down face first like swallows, practicing their jumps to the death. But some people have come here to live, too. They are peasants, and seem at ease, desensitized. Almost a bit as if though they have no emotion at all. It is an area ripe with nature, only a few huts house the inhabitants. Some of the peasants are cultivating a kind of yams that apparently grows from trees and falls like a lawn-dart, with a long needle-end, piercing your skull into your brain. While being deadly, they also taste sweeter than anything in existence. These are everywhere, constantly falling with a light crack, ominously. The people who have decided to die chase them merrily, pledging themselves to the ambrosia they offer until the fatal fall occurs. One stunningly beautiful and intelligent looking young woman offers me to come closer and taste some of hers. I am appalled, and yell that in no way would I do that, I could die, and how could she live with herself cultivating those things. She asks me, if I came there not to die, what then? I am silent.

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      non-lucid , memorable
    8. Of Ash and Flame

      by , 12-03-2010 at 03:09 PM

      In the dream itself, I am actually trying to fall asleep. This is interesting and not interesting. So it is interesting that I more or less did a WILD or that I ended in a situation where questioning myself falling asleep could have led to lucid. But its stupid because I had no trouble sleeping that day at all. In fact, I was sleep-deprived, so there was no reason I should have trouble falling asleep. Anyway, I remember lying, asking myself what I should do to fall asleep. I had my laptop on. So I was listening to some relaxing music (probably real life music that got in, I should have been getting up) and I was thinking “this is calming, this is good for falling asleep! If I turn on Mac Lethal, it’s bad for falling asleep!” Then I find a video online of Chris dancing and singing along to some hiphop song, and he wrote in the start of the video of other songs he liked, but in butchered language. Some Vaudeville Villain song was one of them. The video itself had a black-and-white filter or something.


      I am playing an RTS, except I am a unit, not a commander. We are a couple of guys. We have totally won, there is one guy left with one spawn. But for some reason, despite our constant respawning, we never quite manage to get him down before the dream shifts. The visuals are a simple 2d color-scheme, with no ornamentation. (INNER AWARENESS)
      After that, the dream shifts to like a commercial for an RTS game (INNER AWARENESS), but that says something like “your aim in RTS’es is usually so lousy, now we’re only gonna let you control one character, maggot!” I briefly thnk of Call of Heroes, or whatever that RTS is called. I am playing the dude in the commercial for a while, and while I am not having a blast, I somehow think that this is a good game (INNER AWARENESS). Then it even shows that the game has an RTS zombies mode, like from Call of Duty.

      Inner Awareness 37 Action 70 Form 52 Context 47