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    Abusing Richard Branson's hospitality

    by , 09-20-2014 at 07:32 PM (220 Views)
    This lucid dream is brief, and I think came in the middle of the REM cycle, so my memory of it is hazy.

    I'll start with the non-lucid parts, which I only remember in fragments. The dream seemed to revolve about Richard Branson being my new manager at work. He has also let me stay with him in the spare room of his house, and I have to share the room with a coworker of mine - a young woman who I see often but don't speak to very much.

    The two of us start hanging out together a lot. We seem to get pretty close to each other, although no sex or anything like that. At one point I am sitting in our room and she returns with some weed. She rolls up a joint and shares it with me. I get paranoid about the Branson's finding out, so I open a window and smoke leaning out of it. At one point Richard or a member of his family turns up in our room and I have to hide it.

    At another point in the dream, I walk through my city during a beautiful summer day. I am walking with Vicky, a girl I knew from school and haven't seen since. We meet another girl I haven't seen since school at a crossing.

    Here is the lucid part: I end up doing a lot of travel by train. It was in one of the train station that I realized I was dreaming. I think I am with the coworker mentioned above. I see two women who work as cleaners on the station and I decide to speak to them. Whatever I said (or did) seemed be horribly offensive to them and everyone around them. I must have been lucid because I always feel the need to do something completely innapropriate.

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    1. PercyLucid's Avatar
      Weird lucid part, but cool at the same time.

      Remember to tag your dreams, so you can find dream signs to increase lucidity!
    2. Pickman's Avatar
      Thanks Percy, I'll bear that in mind for next time.