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    Lights out on the seafront

    by , 09-25-2014 at 11:20 PM (224 Views)
    I'll start with the non-lucid dream that came before I woke up and performed a WBTB: I'm getting advice from Russell Brand on getting bodywash with a specific ingredient (can't remember what it was). Then Arnold Schwarzenegger is telling me that if he could have his time again he would be a vegetarian bodybuilder because "sometimes I feel down".

    Then I am walking into the town centre. I see a tall, ugly, weird-looking man who keeps looking at me - the kind of person you avoid eye contact with. He approaches me and starts talking about how he held a job for one day in a place where they "make milk". I was polite, but then he started dancing around me as he talked, and grabbed my ears from behind. I got aggressive, and that's when I woke up.

    After staying up for a little while I went back to bed, and had the lucid part of the dream: I was walking along the local seafront at night. The place is well-lit, but I start playing around with my phone, losing awareness of my surroundings. When I look up from my phone, I realize that all the lights had suddenly turned off. I was in almost pitch-black darkness. I could see the lights on the ships in the distance near the breakwater, and there was some light pollution from the city in the distance. But I could not see a thing in front of me.

    That's when I knew I must be lucid, because I was trying to imagine the streetlights coming back on so I could see my way in front of me. I couldn't do it.

    The rest of the dream is non-lucid. I am back in University. My accomodation is basically the same spacious room I had in the second year, but I'm sharing it with a mix of people from work and strangers. The landlord subjects us to a surprise inspection, and my place is a mess. On my desk is a pack of trading cards I had in the nineties, an old TV set, and a red/black leather bound book which is full of poetry. We all have to line up in the room as the landlord and an assistant look through the room - they seem to be searching for something, but are secretive about it.

    Then I am standing on the University campus at night. I am holding a plate of food I have just bought - chicken, chips, and some other stuff. I see a couple walk onto the grounds. They notice me, but ignore me as the man throws a heavy-looking holdall through the glass front of a campus cafe and runs in to loot the place. The woman runs off to do the same elsewhere.

    I realize I am witnessing a burglary. I reach for my phone, only to realize it isn't there - it's back at my room. I finish my plate of food first as I watch the man rob the place, before heading back.

    In my room is two of the young women. They both seem to be ill, watching the old TV set on my desk. I casually ask how everyone is as I grab my phone, expecting "fine". One of them turns around, and is about to give a long-winded answer about how ill she is, and I realize that I don't have the time to listen to her answer because I need to call the police. Then I woke up.

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