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    Weird eighties toy

    by , 01-18-2016 at 01:01 AM (117 Views)
    Some fractured recall last night.

    The first part was a lucid dream, about having a "day off" (according to my notes) and travelling to a town in Cornwall with a group of people.

    I become lucid, and I decide to enter someone's home. I walk into the living room and I notice one of those toys from the eighties which is like a viewer for picture slides. Just as I'm about to go pick it up, a man walks in and asks what I'm doing here. The house belongs to a young woman who lives there. I tell him that I know the woman and it's okay, and he seems convinced by this. He leaves. I pick up the eighties slide viewer and look at the images. All I see are really old black and white pictures of two elderly, bespectacled men talking to each other.

    I lose lucidity at some point and end up dreaming about being in the military. We are simulating a terrorist attack and I have to crouch in position somewhere. I have no idea what I'm supposed to be doing, so I get up and leave, which messes up the entire operation.

    Then I had another lucid dream, this time set in a multi-storey car park. Some of these people are ordinary members of the public, some are these strange people in an orange puffa jacket uniform. I gain lucidity and I decide to try throwing them into walls and out off the highest point of the car park. They just get up and smile at me.

    The final dream is non-lucid. I'm in an unfamiliar house. In one room is one of my old teachers from secondary school who I didn't like. Around him are "family members" - a couple of men who are supposed to be my uncles but don't look anything like them. I try to eavesdrop on their conversation, as it's supposed to be important but I don't catch anything.

    Then I am approached by some kid I used to know at school who is supposed to be my cousin (but isn't in real life). He wants me to figure out what they are up to, as it's supposed to be important.

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