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    9/4/2013: fragments

    by , 09-04-2013 at 02:07 PM (376 Views)
    I can't remember much of what feels like the longest dream, was too tired to try writing it down after waking up last night :/

    Something to do with a witch and this big company that was working for evil but no one knew except me and a few others. I tried escaping this huge building and made it outside where it looked like some kind of exotic zoo area.

    I was in a bar/food court? At the table with Dave, Rose, John and Jade (from Homestuck). There was a guy at the next table who was being really obnoxious so I got up and asked him to keep it down. He argues with me, insulting me. I reply, "I said, 'be quiet'." and take the lid off his drink and pour it over his lap (careful now, badass right here). Then a fight that feels like a musical number for some reason breaks out and I get shoved towards Dave and he balances me.

    I go to visit Brandie, but she's lying in bed acting ill. She says she's been in labor for a few hours, but she's never had sex. I suggest maybe it's calcium build-up. (wtf she's not a coffee maker???)

    notes: Wish I could remember more but at least I had a dream about Dave! Really wanted some kind of fandom dream so I tried focusing on him last night. I'd hoped to actually talk with him, but I guess getting his own close-up and catching me works too :P
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    1. Keitorin's Avatar
      Where'd your purple text go~?

      You got so badass in #2, niceee. XD And Dave balancing you, not bad. I hope you do have a dream where you talk to Dave, I'm really curious what he'll sound like and say.

      #3...poor Brandie! 0_0