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    My Princess

    by , 02-28-2016 at 11:31 AM (594 Views)

    I was in a medieval fantasy city ,most likely inspired by the Warcraft city Dalaran. Dalaran it's a magical flying city. I am a guard , dressed in heavy full-body armor , holding my shield. There is a war going on somewhere between humans and orcs.
    Oh and , I was in love with the princess the city, and she was in love with me. I can no longer remember her looks , but i remeber feeling the love. We kept our love secret , because it was inapropriate for a guard to be with a princess. We wondered around the beautiful city , chatting and when no one was around hugging and kissing. Soon the war ended and the humans won. At night , the warchiefs of the orcs came at the town to surrender. During this I was guarding the orcs , with many other guards of course. But in fact , I didn't pay much attention to the orcs , my mind was at the princess , sitting with the King and the Queen outside of a palace. We were looking at each other , and it was like we made whole convertations just with our eyes. When the whole thing ended. There was a celebration at a nearby place. We guards weren't allowed to participate , we just standed there guarding the doors. I was just watching her dancing and she was beautiful (although I still don't remember her looks , these were my thoughts). When the event was over , it was at last time to meet her. It was late at night and no one was outside in the roads. We agreed that it's time to reveal our affair to everyone , and go leave together. Tommorow night we would tell the King. I was looking forward to it. Then she gave me a goodbye kiss and before the kiss ended , I woke up.

    (That was one of the best and most vivid dreams I had in a long time so I decided to share it. I wasn't lucid at any point of the dream sadly. )

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