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    1. freezing time in school

      by , 08-18-2015 at 12:23 PM
      Alright, so I was having a dream that I was in school and screwing around, cut class because one friend said it'll be fun, but then almost got in trouble since a teacher who wasn't chill came to were we were hanging out so I went to math class in the middle of the class just telling the teacher "sorry I'm late", then I sat down next to friends and somehow the lucid thing clicked (finally, was worried I wouldn't get lucid today) and I immediately thought about trying to complete some of those goals for points.

      First thing I do is eat some salty thing in front of the class right next to the teacher, don't remember why I was up there, but after that I made a machine in the back of the class with 4 switches, 2 green and 2 red, I had no plan on how it'd work when I was making it, I just wanted something simple so I just flicked all switches to one side, then flicked them all to the same side at the same time while looking away from the people in the classroom and believing with all my might that flicking 4 switches would freeze time.

      I turned around and everyone was frozen in time, which was pretty cool except when I started to walk around the school it got a little gloomy with no one moving and for some reason it was darkly lit, so of course with creepy situations comes creepy thoughts, I started imagining grey people who'd scream and chase you in the frozen time place since you weren't supposed to be in here. That thought scared me too much and I woke up.