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    3/23/14 Crime Investigation of the Cruise

    by , 04-16-2014 at 03:48 AM (317 Views)
    Ok so I believe I did a WILD to get into this dream but I'm not 100% sure since when I got into the dream initially I wasn't trying to stabilize it or anything.

    The dream took place on a cruise ship where there was criminals that we had to find and kill.

    The cruise ship was massive and either not moving at all, or moving very slowly, since I never felt the boat rocking and stuff. The boat was interesting because it had a beach on it, with real sand and palm trees and the sand went all the way under the ocean water so you could swim in the ream sea if you wanted to. There was a main area with a bar and stuff, then there was a slightly narrower place with tables near the walls that lead into a eating area with what I think was another bar, there was also a nightclub opposite the eating area, after that was alot of stairs and stuff that I didn't focus on sadly.

    The whole mission I was on was pretty short lived, we basically got our guns, shot at some people and started a little fight in which we ended up ending and just talking to the guys. Then I lost my gun after that.

    After the ship I somehow got teleported into a parking lot where I was walking with my friends uncle and he found a pearl ring which he then showed to me.
    I lost lucidicity here since I couldn't determine what the pearl would look like and that took all of my thought.

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