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    The Blank House

    by , 02-01-2014 at 12:56 PM (265 Views)
    Well I did a WILD so I was lucid through the whole thing, I tried to make a house with some trees around it but for some reason I reached my limit and was only able to maintain the outside of the objects and they were all black but still caught light on the surface so you could see the outline and everything.
    I couldn't really tell if it was in my dream yet though because I've been trying Advanced Vision Control and it looked like how it would look if I made it there instead of in the dream.

    I asked the DC's around me if they say it and one answered "I can see it, it's wonderful. Now all you have to do is just build it"

    I guess building it meant adding color and an actual interior but the dream was too unstable for me to find out much more.
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