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    First Lucid in a long time

    by , 08-31-2012 at 07:49 PM (644 Views)
    Last night yielded several dreams, one of which became a short Lucid. Yay. I think the dream inducing app I bought off the iPad app store is finally working for me. I just need some more comfortable earbuds to sleep in cuz those gummy ones hurt.

    My first Dream was intensely real, which seems kinda odd to me because my intensely vivid dreams don't usually come till later in my sleep cycle. This one revolved around me and this girl I used to be friends with in high school. Don't remember every detail, but I do remember that we were house hunting. I remember constantly thinking to myself that I wanted to be with her, that I wanted her to myself now. The last part of that Dream I remember was going into a poolhouse to check it out and we started to get a little naughty. Oh yeah. Before it got too heated though, my real girlfriends mother showed up. She caught us doing our thing and was only upset by this because we were supposed to be browsing the location, not testing it. In the Dream, I thought that they were related. I felt that this girl that I once knew was really my girlfriend now, and that my currents girls mother was actually the old friends mother.

    I had a couple other small dreams that I don't remember much so I won't waste your time with them, but the one I became lucid in is a little more interesting.

    I was walking around outside with a person whom i don't remember, when we see a streak of light cross the sky. The light turns in our direction and takes a steep dive into the ground somewhere just beyond our line of sight. We rush over to where it seems to have landed and we find what is obviously an alien craft. We could only see the top of it however because the rest seems to be stuck underground. I placed my hand atop the craft and it began to open. It didn't just lift the top for us to climb in, it separated into thin pink strips and began to arch upward one by one but very quickly.

    I peered inside to see a descending tunnel that was lit up with shades of purple and pink. Me and my mystery companion didn't even hesitate, we jumped in and slid down the tunnel. While we were sliding down I noticed that every part of me which made contact with It glowed an electric blue, as if my movement caused a reaction with whatever material the ship was made from. We reached what seemed to be the bottom and I stood up to look around. The inside was set up with rooms very similar to what we have here on earth, bedrooms. It seemed I was now in the living quarters of this ship. Before I could really take a moment to think about what I was seeing, someone comes from around the corner...

    I knew instantly that "she" wasn't human, despite how remarkably human she appeared. She had to be the most mesmerizing Asian woman I've ever seen. Her eyes were different somehow. They were an icy blue color and sparkled as if they were made of diamond and she had sunlight coming from behind them at all times. Not an intense sunlight, but just enough to catch your attention the way a beautiful diamond does when it hits the light. She also had a dog with her, or at least he appeared to be a dog like the way she appeared to be human. There was something different about it as well, but I can quite put my finger on it. I was a little hesitant about the dog, but not her.

    She began to approach me, so I responded in kind. As I reached her I opened my arms and wrapped them around her, embracing her the way you would an old friend that you believed had died. I was never afraid of this experience. I held her for a little bit before stepping back and taking a look at my surroundings. This is when I noticed that the floor was made of tile. Not even nice tile, but the kind you would see in older houses that haven't been maintained very well. This is when I realized I was in a dream. (lol I laugh that it wasn't the alien craft, or the perfect being that signaled a Dream for me, it was the tile). I thought to myself " there's no way an alien spacecraft would have earthly tile comprising the floor, I must be Dreaming".

    It was at this point that I noticed she had bowls filled with snacks nearby. Must've been a welcoming gesture to have party snacks for any humans brave enough to show up. I used my trusty telekinesis to lift a Dorito out of the bowl and into my hand. I thought "cool" as I bit into the chip, knowing for a fact that I was Dreaming. I usually can't remember to do what i had planned to do when I become lucid, this time I did. For all you True Blood fans out there, you will understand who I am talking about. Once I became Lucid, I tried to bring Jessica into my Dream in order to have my way with her. (Im only human) I thought to myself "Jessica", and the Asian girl's outer shell fell off like magic fairy dust to reveal a red head that had her back to me. Unfortunately she didn't get to turn around before the Dream faded to black and I awoke, burning up in my covers! Damn covers! I tried to renter the Dream with no success. This marks the first time I've become Lucid in a few months now. Yessssss.

    Thank you for reading. I will continue to keep my journal updated with all my crazy Dreams for your entertainment. For those of you who don't know, Jessica is a red headed, blue eyed vampire. And in my opinion, perfect.

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