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    Greatest Night Ever!!!!

    by , 03-07-2013 at 05:50 PM (879 Views)
    Last night was the greatest night of Dreaming in my entire life! I had six, yes six, lucid Dreams last night. A combination of DILDs and DEILDs, mixed with 2400 mg Lecithin and 100 mg B-6 taken immediately before bed. I have never had even close to this type of success before and I must attribute it equally to my training as well as my supplements.

    Last night I flew, I fucked, and I fought. My hands were, at times, grotesque and other times normal. My girl chatted with me about race car numbers and how she was seeing them differently than I, which was one lucidity trigger. I encountered that serial killing doll chucky, and I watched a man run as fast as a race car. I had a few false awakenings that I didn't realize at the time. I was so deep I felt like I was in inception. I also watched my girl fly away like a pro which triggered another lucid.

    I flew for the first time last night, although I only got a few feet above the ground. While I was flying, I thought about going to space and as my DreamScene started to change I got nervous and had second thoughts. So I closed my eyes and willed my Scene to remain as it was, with me closer to the ground than I was headed for. Space is a challenge for me because of my fear of heights, which is also why I flew so close to the ground. I also don't have much confidence in my flying ability yet. I Dreamt so much last night that when they were over I figured it had to be time to wake up, it was only 5:30. I had only been asleep for roughly 5 hours, and hadn't even reached my peak REM stage yet! This is an incredible breakthrough for me and I'll just have to remember next time I'm lucid that there are many other things I wish to try. You can bet ill be using this supplement combination again very soon.

    Thanks to anyone who read this!
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    1. CanisLucidus's Avatar
      My deepest congratulations on a spectacular night of dreaming! That sounds awesome and amazing.

      Was this your first time with B6? I had an extremely high-level lucid dream the first time that I took B6. While B6 continues to deliver (so long as I don't take it too often), I am still in search of another experience like this.

      While I've taken choline, I have not tried lecithin supplementation before.

      Again, let me reiterate my congratulations on this one. It sounds like an amazing experience and I am very happy for you!!
    2. Iokheira's Avatar
      That sounds awesome! Congrats!
    3. dutchraptor's Avatar
      This is great well done and kep up the great work