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    Longest Lucid yet

    by , 03-15-2013 at 05:00 PM (705 Views)
    I just woke from the longest lucid Dream I've ever had.

    The Dream began with me and my girl visiting with some high school buddies we knew. We were just sittin there chit chattin, when one of the friends mentions something that leads me to believe my girl has cheated on me. I confront her about this and she admits it to me but as the conversation rolls on I find out that its been going on for a while. We end up breaking up and I'm on my way to her place to grab my things when I end up inside a Burger King that is actually en route to her house.

    Inside the Burger King, I notice that every advertisement has some mention of the number 7. Something costs 7 dollars, or get 7 something for 7.77. This was a big indicator that I was Dreaming but I needed to be sure so I started asking DCs. I asked three DCs. The first was an Asian lady who straight up told me no and went about her business. The second was a child who said no, but nodded her head yes. The third I asked if they were Dreaming and they said yes. This was enough for me and so my lucid began.

    First I was overjoyed because it meant my girl hadn't been cheating on me, and second, because I was now lucidly Dreaming! During this Dream I altered DCs physical characteristics from minute details to a full on summon, I levitated (and smashed) a full sized entertainment center without touching it, I stopped the rain from pouring by shouting at the sky, and I tossed a man a beer. The Lucid ended after I chased down some girl and caught up to her. I looked into her eyes and I felt myself get pulled away from the Dream.

    It was a long Dream in general, but the Lucid part had to be about five minutes in length, longer than any I've had up until this point. My frequency and duration are both increasing. When I get my galantamine/choline combo I should be having these long lucids more often. Can't wait!
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    1. CanisLucidus's Avatar
      Wow, congratulations on the lucid!! Sounds like you had a good time and had some really awesome dream control in this one. Do you attribute the stability and high levels of dream control to anything in particular? Did you go into this one with an abundance of confidence?

      I levitated (and smashed) a full sized entertainment center without touching it
      Hey, that sounds like a successful Task of the Month completion to me! That ought to be good for Basic Wings this month. Check it out: http://www.dreamviews.com/task-month...ch-2013-a.html