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    Dark Angel and a Little Evil Boar

    by , 12-25-2013 at 11:35 PM (591 Views)
    December 24

    Bed time 22 PM

    WBTB 3 AM. I remembered two fragments: the first was about my friend who caught a flu and the second was about David Duchovny being a guest in some TV series.
    I then took 4 mg galantamine and went back to bed

    4: 50 AM I woke up from an epic journey. I remained stunned for a few minutes.

    The dream started with a false awakening, although I couldn't realize it. I woke up because someone was grabbing and pinching me. Nervously i got up and went to check my phone. It began to glitch. My phone started showing some old message conversations with people I knew long time ago. I decided to go to kitchen. My mom is there. She is making coffee. On the counter I saw a Snickers. I was going to eat that for breakfast.
    -I don't feel right, something strange is happening to me. -I told my mom.
    -Don't be silly. -she replied and continued to twist in a kitchen.
    I went to take something to put on. I opened a drawer and took a shirt. As I tried to close the drawer it stuck in the middle. I couldn't close it. I went back to kitchen to announce that the drawer doesn't close. My mom went to check it. She tried to close it and succeeded from the first time.
    -What a scatterbrain... -she mumbled.
    "That's strange" i thought. I checked what time was that. It was 8:52. I had to be at the bus station at 8:50 to arrive at the university for the first lecture. The first lecture was Psychology. As I couldn't make to the bus on time, I decided to pass the first lecture. I felt kind of drowsy. I felt like drunk + smoked out + tired. I started to wonder what the fuck is wrong with that drawer? Tried to open and close it again. Everything is okay. However, I always got feeling that something is wrong. The atmosphere was Matrix'ish or Inception'ish - everything is okay, but sometimes little glitches happen which make you doubt whether this is real world... AND I DIDN'T realize I WAS DREAMING. STUPID ME!

    Then really weird shit happened. Some kind of dark angel appeared in front of me. It looked like that angel from Digimons, only it was black. It was female and very tall. With confidence I went to my Mom and asked:
    -How would you explain that a fucking black angel is in our home?
    -Look, what is wrong with you? Do you use drugs or something? -she asked.
    I crumpled on the floor in disbelief that my Mother talks to me like this, that she doesn't believe me and can't help me... As I was sitting on the floor i saw the black angel becoming bigger and angrier. Her smile became evil and she laughed at me. I looked up at her and somehow it popped to my head that she feeds on my emotions. I got up, smiled and tried not to be sad. I tried not to care about "my mom not believing me" situation. And voila! The black angel became smaller and normal looking again.

    She came closer to me, kneel down and showed me a silver pendant. I recognized an eye of Horus in that. Although it was more complex. The pendant was lying on the palm of the dark angel. Her palm was burnt out with that symbol. Her hand was dirty and the skin was coarse. I remember her hand in very great detail.
    -One, who has this pendant, lives forever. -she said quietly, -I live the fourth time already. -added the angel. She told me she will wait me in the church and disappeared... I was thinking "damn..I am definitely not drugged or something, I am sober, I guess every in-some-way-spiritual person begins to see something more than normal people. This angel will be like my imaginative friend, or maybe my guide...."

    I am at the church. There is a huge castle model inside. I see mini soldiers participating in the castle siege. Like in a video game, they survive an enemy wave and then goof around shooting team mates. It was strange because some soldiers used very modern machine guns. I saw empty golden rounds all around. My attention was caught by a lady in black. That's her! The black angel! She has changed her clothes. She was wearing a shiny tight corset expressing her waist and breasts. She didn't wear a mask. I saw her face. She had long dark hair. The black angel was beautiful and sexy but somehow not my type.

    A thought came to my head: "I don't know...I don't know why I came to the church, I don't know who that black angel is. I must be careful. I can't trust her so bluntly. What if she is a demon?" I was watching her and made a cross sign with my fingers in my pocket. "If she's a demon, that should generate some reaction from her." However she didn't even looked once to my side. I saw how she pulled out her Iphone and began to talk with someone.

    There was a little boar on the floor. It looked interesting. The boar was size of a foot. I came close to it and that little bastard suddenly jumped on my arm and bit me. The boar toothed to my sleeve and didn't let go. I was trying to shake it off - no luck. I started running around and shaking my hand to get rid of it. I tried to get the boar off with my other hand, but then he would stick to that hand too! Finally I found a way how to get rid of it. " I need to make a double shake off." When the boar toothed to my sleeve I grabbed it with my other hand and immediately shook it off the floor. That fury bastard didn't give up. He was running after me. And he was faster! He jumped and got his teeth in my ass. I screamed out of pain and woke up! I felt a real sting in my ass for a few seconds

    I took noted about this dream and went back to bed.

    8:50. Remembered one fragment about me being the only white guy in a group.
    Also remembered one dream about me participating in a beatbox battle, then struggling to find a place to eat, my friend spending lots of money on alcohol, me buying him a conference ticket and so in..

    15:00 I took a nap and remember one fragment about talking with my grandparents.

    I heard galantamine stays in system for 48 hours, so I hope it would help me tonight too!
    All in all I am very happy with such a cool dream. However I am disappointed I couldn't become lucid
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    1. AnotherDreamer's Avatar
      hahaha the dark angel that uses an iphone, I love that. Fun dream to read