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    Earthquake in Norristown

    by , 01-29-2012 at 08:56 AM (803 Views)
    Yes, some dreams are just like movies. One such dream last night saw an magnitude 8.0 earthquake hit the northeast with my hometown getting the worst. I could feel the gravity shift as this earthquake hit. Norristown Transportation Center Station was more like a movie set of a horror show. With riots, derailed trains, and general chaos. People were being crushed by giant falling structures and out of control trains (very graphically) One man screamed in such blood curdling agony as the last of the out of control trains mowed him down, with a "proper" sound for head crushing pooping noises. It was gross, and unexpected. I nauseatingly inspected for survivors and just felt sick. I sat there for a while and thought what do we do now? A reporter asked me if I thought the north east would be remembered for rebuilding , and I said I hope so. When I woke up, I thought darn, as unsettling as that was, it was entirely entertaining.

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