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    Fenway Park/more city dreams

    by , 05-28-2021 at 01:11 AM (72 Views)
    There was a sudden apartment move where I was kicked out (cant even remember why). I moved to a big, depressing beige room with stained carpet and a TV and a sofa pushed up against the wall where I'm pretty sure I slept. It's in a trashy high rise somewhere like east Boston, with warehouses and docks and dense housing and the brown Charles river.

    I discover a weird staircase in the kitchen, curving around toward the ceiling. It's small and begins above the counter--like it was made for mice--and I have to crawl up it on all fours. I look up and see that there's no ceiling here.
    It's under a sort of overpass in Fenway park, the big green metal scaffolding structures that hang over the parts of the stadium and cast everything in dark shade. It's so close it almost dips into the room.
    I reach the top of the tiny staircase to peer over the apartment's wall, and there is a small metal 'balcony' around the perimeter--so close to this 'overpass' I can't stand up fully.
    When I peer down there's a narrow shaded street with a gift shop where tourists flock. The gift shop also reaches up to the overpass, so the street feels like a tall, shady tunnel where the sunlight and traffic sounds flood in from both open sides.

    Instead of having a railing this 'balcony' has weird pointless windows a couple feet high, not high enough to touch the overpass, and balancing on the edge. I could just step over them if I wanted to, but of course they're substitutes for railings so I'd plummet to my death. They're caked with dust and can be cranked open with an old-school handle.

    When I look forward through the gaps of this huge green ceiling, I can hear the roar of the baseball game and see a sliver of the crowd and green field. I can almost make out the scoreboard.

    I get paranoid for some reason, and feel like the tourists below can see me up in the scaffolding, peeking over the ceiling of my apartment at them. My phone buzzes with a message and in my paranoia I duck down--what if it's from some serial killer across the way who sees me?


    I see a courtyard. I went to antonio bates' b-day party here as a kid, and there had been a weird building this was it!! With its mini inner courtyard and cheap pools
    It was tall mini water park under a stormy sky with cold slides and hanging playground bridges I see it from above cold wet aqua


    Woke up in uncle Jimmy's basement and immediately knew it was a dream, but was shocked by how clear it all was. I got up and slowly looked around and soaked in every detail. Beautiful late morning sunlight shone into every part of the basement, more than physically possible.
    I think I tried laying on the bed and feeling weight, and closing my eyes to see if they'd reopen to Boston. And somehow I knew where I was really sleeping and could envision my real room, which normally doesn't happen.

    Every part of the basement felt real until I got to James' room, and saw that there was a flight of quaint wooden stairs going down into a cluttered sub-basement, with complex embroidered railings and rugs. I wanted the dream to stay stable, so I went upstairs instead.

    Dad was in the kitchen upstairs making some breakfast. I must not have been lucid anymore, or else I'd have burst into tears. A serious construction friend was there, and a girl sitting over where the TV would be. I lean across and ask her her her name that I have forgotten before. She was friends with another girl, a supposed member of my family, that died recently.


    I have to get to the food pantry across the dark city--Raph and Nell are there. I'm with some old man in his red bathroom as he tells me something important for my journey.
    His apartment is small and warm and has a cheap round wooden dining room table pressed against a window, one that faces Evan's way except it is a long stretch of pitch, pitch blackness.

    Something happens because there are predators out there in the alleys and sewers. The park is an acre-wide flat empty square of grass, surrounded on four far sides by these buildings.
    They are the only light source--the edges of the park are visible but it's too huge for their light to reach the center and it is a gradual pit of darkness. I believe they get me when they see me in the middle of the open space and rush towards me from the alleys looking in. I have to try multiple times.


    On the green line in the same dark city except a class is happening with all the adults and teenagers and strangers on the train and they're going around, having people recite something in response to certain questions.
    I'm not sure what's going on and am listening close over the roar of the train, trying to figure it out before I am called on.

    Bowlingotter is there, Lissy over in front of me to my right, Matty above on the seats one staircase up behind me.
    I smile at her laughing and I wonder if he knows I have a tiny crush on her. The train is warm and the windows are black leaving only our reflections and tiny colorful lightspots from the traffic outside. I feel nice surrounded by all these people.


    At the Weymouth house I enter the kitchen and the dining table is in the center, and aunt carol and a random girl are sitting there. It seems like an early spring day--the back door is open and cold white overcast light pours in.

    I am trying to dispose of a bag I have and aunt carol is being very finicky about it, going to get a separate bag to put it in and asking me to rip it up first.
    I go to my room and am trying to figure something out about joining Suzanne's zoom class on my phone, which had begun on the train. I wander around and look out the windows at an empty smart food bag tumbling through the yard and, and it's dim blue inside because no lights are on and the house seems cold and quiet and empty and it gives me a weight in my stomach.
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