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    First DreamViews entry in like 5 years (aqua water dreams)

    by , 05-27-2021 at 06:57 AM (73 Views)
    In Uncle Jimmy's backseat, with everyone else in the front. We're apparently going to Houston or just to the end of the Hull Peninsula. We're almost there, on that long road by the where the apartment island is. Except to our left the water is a giant canyoned basin, filled with impossibly clear turquoise water, at its bottom beautiful thick, dark, ornate yellow sand.

    We wonder why the water is so tropical looking. I speculate that the Pacific ocean usually pushes in the dark bacteria from the deep sea into these small-town basins--maybe it's receded.

    The apartment bridge is there, but it's wooden. And there is a tall, strange cactus-like tree sprouting into view. It's entirely unnatural and looks like a poor, undefined rendition of foliage you might find in RCT3, along with color of the water.

    I notice sprouting out of the edges of the basin are more low-poly tropical trees. Their roots sprawl "underwater", looking like a maze that belongs deep in the soil but is unhidden by this artificial water. They clip into the sand in places.
    Some of them seem to get uprooted by the wind, releasing clouds of the deep ocean "blue bacteria" I'd mentioned. I was right!
    They float momentarily and pool at the bottom of the sand.

    We're transitioning to a big bridge, and I confirm that the ocean is only opaque because of the billion clouds of microbacteria.
    I tell Matt in the front seat that you can scrape your fingers along the basin and get a thick nailful, and they all laugh.
    They say something about the roads down in the basin and I say that's the least of their worries. They all laugh again.

    Now we're on a stormy, twisting, elevated highway, the kind that forks and loops and overlaps itself on stories-high concrete pillars as it takes you into the deep city. The rain is pouring dangerously, so thickly that the afternoon is almost night.
    We are dressed like we're going swimming, sitting shirtless and in swim trunks and towels, and it feels completely unfitting for this situation. I feel vulnerable.
    The rain pours harder and some of the windows are open, and there is a sense of doom and a fear of heights kicks in, like we are going to crash and swerve off the highway to the land below.
    I'm the one in a towel. I imagine myself washed up on the road.

    But soon we're on a much safer wooden bridge, surrouded by lush, sun-baked golden evening fields. Like the one the train in Harry Potter drives through. Uncle Jimmy is not looking at the road, keeps JUST making the turns. Soon we are weaving around the bridge--what if the cops chased us? And there is a tiny, toy-like cop car behind us. I then realize we're also toy-like, and we swing off the bridge and I realize this is Uncle Jimmy's dream, otherwise we'd surely be dead.
    We are probably still on the bridge but the "8pm segment" of the dream is here, when Yncle Jimmy goes into deep REM sleep and we can play his dream ourselves and take control of the car.

    There is a GTA 5 character named "sean" (Michael) who has a similar mechanic. There is a YouTube compilation of his driving dream segments.


    In Boston, standing on the sidewalk under the 'overpass' entrance of a big tower in the financial district. It feels like a cross between a museum and the DMC. I'm apparently visiting uncle Jimmy with a friendly older "grandpa/uncle" figure but didn't think I would actually have to spend the night. I wanna avoid it and just stay at the beach.
    Dream logic says I'm pretty close to Hyannis, and throughout the dream I refer to my map as I walk through Boston anxiously, around the outskirts where the highways merge down to street level and there are caged elevated walkways to the train stops and grassy lots under high, shadowy overpasses. It's dusk but the clouds overhead are dark and stormy, resulting in a strange humid dimness where none of the streetlights have timed on yet, but should have hours ago.

    Hyannis ends up being easy closer than I thought and soon I am on a little bus (like the hull shuttle) looking at the sunny sky and impossibly bright aqua water. We reach a road that winds around the outskirts of town-- a bushy, grassy hill on the inside corner we pass and the sand and water on the outside. I ask him to stop and he does, and I get out and the waves and sand reach right up to the road--I take my shoes off before stepping off the bus directly into the water, and the hot sun raises goosebumps on my skin.

    I'm now a blonde girl named Mary and there is a group of mermaids further down, by a dingy brown roadside telephone pole that protrudes directly out of the crystal water and sand.

    Some creepy dudes pull up in a van and slow down to match my pace as I walk barefoot through the waves and sand along the road. He leans out of the window and repeats something that I can't hear over the loud hum of the van. The smell of the exhaust follows me. I dig into my acting chops to yell at them and act crazy and psychotic, widen my eyes and chitter my jaw and smile like I am going to kill them, and reach my spamming hands behind my back like I am grabbing something, and they speed away.


    With Laura and Damon and a badass Asian cyber-tech girl on an elevated highway at sunset after a long day, on our way back to school, back to traverse town. We're gonna break in somewhere in a couple hours, we poke at the idea with bubbling excitement, we quietly dare the others to make the suggestion first. I see us in a comic book panel--the highlight of the girl's black hair is a fiery jagged strip, dithered as if from a PC-98 game.

    We're in our backyard at traverse town. The house is small and made of smooth, wonky rounded stone, like something from Whoville. The yard is small and round and walled in with a high fence of the same rounded material. It's very cozy though. It looks like a place where you'd have outdoor dinner parties, with a fire pit and warm string lights, baubles, decorations, and the spots of color from the neighbor's fruit tree that springs up and pokes over our stone wall. I can tell that these houses and yards are in a tight cluster, high up on a hill overlooking the town and the ocean (a la Greece?)

    When I go down into traverse town it's daytime, and I fight enemies in a big open space with a pink checkered marble floor, bordered by rose bushes and bright fountains and railings, like a palace courtyard. I wish the camera depth of field would revert to hoe it was in Kingdom Hearts 1.

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