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    Ruined painting/windy day/creepy woman

    by , 05-28-2021 at 09:33 PM (55 Views)
    I dreamt Alice made a giant beautiful watercolor piece on huge paper and I had to bring it from the classroom up to her DS9 desk.
    I clumsily pick it up on front of the entire classroom and can barely get it out of the room without bending creases in it and walking into walls.
    I'm super ashamed and embarrassed but I don't know if people are noticing because I'm purposely not looking at them.

    I make it up to her desk and Victoria is there, and we have a good conversation.

    She asks me about how my five years of probation is going (!?) and I say fine, and begin loudly telling her that it was bullshit and I was caught being a middleman but there are some school officers and faculty walking by the aisle of desks and I can see them giving me suspicious looks, so I stop unnaturally in the middle of my sentence and talk about something else.

    I don't think Victoria sees the officers so she probably thinks I am out of it. I look at Alice's drawing and notice a huge tear at the bottom and creases in multiple other places.


    I'm walking down the sidewalk by Evan's way, the one parallel to the fens. It's a warm, cloudy, blustery afternoon that is about to break into a thunderstorm and the sky is darkening.
    John and Irena are walking ahead, and a giant human-sized palm leaf gets caught on one of the small trees to our left. I'm walking that direction anyway, and Irena grabs it and hoops it around my head jokingly, like a mother. I grab each end and dance with it, and use it as a sail to carry me down the dirt path.
    Irena laughs to John as I get dragged further away and they wave goodbye.

    There's a group of practicing BU cheerleaders dressed in shimmery gold, forming a pyramid under one of the big shady trees. As I blow by I do pull the leaf under my legs and do some cool somersaults.
    I turn into Daria H. and Irena mentions how multitalented I am as I continue somersaulting across the street towards the Gardner museum, but remember to stop as a truck chugs slowly out from behind a car.


    I'm on a balcony at Target, overlooking the long escalator crowded with people. I see a glimpse of Mrs. Bello and Joaquin, and I rush to the ground floor and see they're carrying home a newly purchased TV!
    This isn't the first time I've run into them at Target, and we catch up.

    And then I'm at their house--it's one of the large, simple ones from the colonial era made from blank, mossy dark wood and with no embellishments. The roof is giant and dominates the house's silhouette--on the right side its slope continues downward, to the ground. And the house is under a thick blanket of damp-smelling autumn trees, at the very back of an empty, grassy lot. It looks like it was plopped there in the Sims.

    I approach the ramp and see under it, see that the inside of the house is shelled out and charred black, so it looks like an empty dollhouse.

    The sound of a slow car rolls into the street behind me, with a woman in the passenger seat. My vision is a little blurry, but from way here in the back of the lot it looks like she has the white eyes of a lizard--I know because she's leaning far out of the passenger seat, staring at me with her head following me mechanically like a pivot as the car moves.

    I chase after her yellow car on my bike, fiercely curious, until the car disappears into an alley. That curiosity turns into fear as the car begins chasing me, and begins an action sequence of me whipping around tight corners and fences. I eventually reach the bottom of a highway overpass that reminds me of the one in springfield.

    (fragments I jotted half asleep and don't remember well enough to write out in full)

    Elliot Smith Bled white city ending credits overtaken by animated characters like before
    The flowers pouring out of the plane represent their loved ones let them be

    Visit dark sea st weymouth studio daylight under cheap blinds
    find clothes rushing scary feel presence end on summer train platform

    Last minute bart simpson seaside diner at night, me and drug addict have to watch babies
    finish some task tonight and it is very high stakes, takes place in sims 3 sunset valley beach
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