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    1. The meaning of dreams

      by , 02-11-2012 at 12:24 AM
      in this journal i will be posting dreams, followed by the meaning.

      i figure every aspect of every dream has significance, and as i study them i can see all my fears, ambitions, desires.
      i think a dream journal is more personal than a traditional journal/diary.

      -hitchhiking in belfast (fragmented)-

      i am on the road again, hitchhiking. im wearing a military backpack. i suddenly realise i am in 'IRA' land where being in the military is very dangerous. i spend the dream attempting to get out of belfast unseen.

      MEANINGS: (worry + desire)
      -i do a lot of hitchhiking, and i am in the biritsh army reserves. iv recently started using my military day sack for hitchhiking, because its smaller and versatile.
      the desire is that i return to ireland, my favourite place for hitchhiking.
      the worry is that there are places where openly stating that your in the military can be very dangerous, and wearing that backpack could get me into trouble