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    Investigation of the Lady (non-Lucid)

    by , 01-14-2015 at 10:39 PM (169 Views)
    Investigation of the Lady (This was actually the title of the dream. It was written in the air as the dream was fading out which is the first time that's happened.)
    I was at school one day and I had a vision of this lady being taken captive on a beach in California somewhere (meanwhile I'm in Illinois) and led into an underground lair. It was an underground cave below the sand, adorned with a lot of Greek furniture and artifacts. I don't remember much about the girl or why she was captured, but the next thing I know the vision ends and I'm back at school and my mom is coming to pick me up. She gets me and she takes me home but our house is downtown and not in the country like it is irl. I wanted to go thrift shopping since there was a small local thrift shop a few buildings down and my mom wouldn't give me any money to go. I got angry and started kicking everything around the living room and ran out of the house. I had another vision. The police were searching for traces of the girl in the sand and they were just grabbing a bunch of sand and testing it for her DNA with some big machine. I knew that the girl was in a secret lair under the sand, and that she was still alive and I wanted to help but I couldn't do much since she was in California and I didn't even know what beach she was on. My memory gets really fuzzy from this point and I can only remember a few fragments. My mom and I ended up being in the lair, but all I can remember is one image of me looking at the Greek artifacts as my mom lifted some of them up to try to find a secret door, and Joey M from my anatomy & phys class told me that he loved my phone case and he kept talking to me but I don't remember what about.

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