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    1. A ship out of control...

      by , 11-18-2011 at 03:21 PM (Pop's Dream Journal)
      My dreams starts out with me standing on a rocky cliff overlooking the ocean. It's nighttime and the moon is out, reflecting it's light on the water. My dog Milo is with me. As I look out over the water, I see the bright lights of what looks like a large ferry approaching in the distance. It's moving fast and heading right for us. Seeing that there are no docks or peirs nearby for it to pull up to, I realize that it's going to crash. I turn and start running, yelling at other people around me, "Run! It's going to crash. Run as fast as you can and don't look back!" I keep running, wanting to look back but I don't because I want to get as far away as I can. The ferry was close, so as I'm running, I'm expecting any second for it to come crashing up on shore behind me.
      I finally reach a house and run inside and start running up the stairs, trying to get as high as I can. But at the top of the stairs is a grate. I climb up through it and find myself in a town square of sorts. It's still nighttime and there is some kind of parade or procession going on. It looks like some kind of royalty riding by in horse drawn carriages and waving to the crowds of people standing around. At this point I woke up.
    2. Learning about agave plants...?

      by , 11-12-2011 at 12:37 PM (Pop's Dream Journal)
      I feel I should point out that I know nothing about agave plants and so don't know if the information in the dream is true or not.

      I'm in a truck with two other men and we're driving out in a kind of desert/forest environment. The man driving is showing me and the other guy around. The man sitting next to me asks the driver, "What do you use to pick 'em?" The driver answers, "We use cherry pickers and scissor-lifts.", to which the other man replies, "Really?" with a surprised tone. The driver says, "Yeah sure, I'll show 'em to you." He stops the truck and we get out and sure enough, there are a few scissor-lifts sitting around. We start walking around and he is talking about agave plants. I ask the man, "But don't agave plants grow on the ground?" He replies, "Some do, but they also grow up in the trees. That's where you find the best ones." And he points out several around us that are very blue in color and tells us that the bluer they are the better the plant is. I notice a patch of blue up in a tree that at first appears to be alive because it's moving. But the I realize it's actually butterflies flying all around the surface of it. I point at it and say, "Wow, the butterflies are really going after that one!". The man looks at it and tells us that the butterflies actually suck up all the nectar and ruin the plant.

      The next thing I know, I'm in a room sitting at a table with the same man, who appears to be a teacher, and two girls. One of the girls has short dark hair and is really cute. She looks familiar somehow and I find myself attracted to her. The girls are sitting together and appear to be friends. The man is talking about agave plants and we are all taking notes. I notice, though, that while the girls and the man have paper to write notes on, I don't have any. All I have is a newspaper in front of me, so I scribble some notes on the newspaper. I feel a little put out, like I'm being ignored by the group, so since I feel I'm already familiar with all of the stuff the teacher is talking about, I browse the different sections of the newspaper.

      The teacher leaves and I leave the table and walk over to a couch that's close to where the two girls are sitting and talking to each other. One girl has her back to me but the cute one is facing me. While they're talking I notice her feet because her toenails are painted different colors. They're also painted on both sides. On the top, they're all blue. But on the bottom, one foot is painted green and the other foot is painted yellow. The girls are talking about her toenails and the other girl is admiring them and asks what kind of nail polish she used. While they're talking, I am putting on a pair of shoes. They look kind of like water shoes, and I notice that the sole of the one I'm trying to put on has come off. So I pick it up and press it back on into place. Then I notice the sole has come off the other shoe so I fix that one as well. All the while, I'm looking at the girl with the short hair because she is very cute. But she doesn't seem to notice me. That's all I remember because I woke up after that.

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    3. Driving on the freeway...backwards!

      by , 11-10-2011 at 03:42 PM (Pop's Dream Journal)
      In my dream last night, I'm driving down the freeway in my truck. A friend of mine is riding in the passenger seat and he seems a bit nervous because I'm having a little bit of trouble staying in my lane but otherwise my driving is okay. I look at all the other cars on the road and they're giving me a wide berth. And then I realize...I'm driving in reverse at high speed. That explains why it's difficult to keep the truck centered in the lane. I'm actually having fun and marveling at my mad driving skills when I notice a second vehicle coming onto the freeway and it's going backwards too. He comes up right behind me but I accelerate and get way ahead of him. I want to do one of those manuevers where you whip around 180 degrees and keep driving without slowing down, but I'm not sure how to go about doing it. So I try whipping the steering wheel around while hitting the brakes...but before I know if it works or not, I wake up.
    4. An outdoor competition

      by , 11-08-2011 at 12:12 PM (Pop's Dream Journal)
      After I awoke this morning, I laid there trying to recall as much detail of my dream as I could. I'm not quite sure of the order of the events, so it might seem a little jumbled.

      I'm outdoors and standing on a dirt road in what seems like a national forest of some kind. A steep hill rises on one side. There are other guys standing around and we're all wearing shorts, t-shirts and running shoes and it appears we're in some sort of race or competition. But this isn't the actual competition because we're all following a small group who are leading us in running up the hill through the trees. It appears we're doing some sort of dry run and being shown the course. We run up the hill and eventually come to a lake, which we have to get across. The leaders tell us that the first ones who make it across will be able to ride back on a fire truck.

      I next find myself at my parent's house. I've gotten everything I need for the contest and am walking out the door but just as the door closes, I realize I left my keys inside the house. So I pick up my stuff and, in doing so, find my keys. (Big sigh of relief!) I read the rules for the race and see that there's a part where you have to go 10 miles on a bicycle but I don't have a bicycle so I'm worried how I'm going to do that part of the race. Then I find a little temporary tattoo with instructions to apply the temporary tattoo on your hand after you're done with the bicycle part of the race. I come up with the idea to just go ahead and apply the tattoo so I can skip that part of the race and start licking the back of my hand so I can put it on.

      Next I'm running down the dirt road, trying to find the spot where you run up the hill. I think I find it and turn and start running but the path leads me to the right and I find myself back at my parent's house, running through the yard and down the driveway. Now I'm worried that the dogs will bark, alerting my Mom that someone is in the yard and that she'll see me and wonder what I'm doing. Now I'm worried that I'm so far behind that I'll lose the race. I keep running anyway and eventually find the right spot in the road where I'm supposed to be. Two of the leaders are standing there so I tell them what happened and ask where everyone else is. That's when they tell me that the race is tomorrow, not today.
    5. Strange insects and William Shatner's funeral

      by , 11-05-2011 at 11:40 AM (Pop's Dream Journal)
      I remember two dreams from last night. In the first one, I'm inside an old house. There's a man in one of the rooms doing something that the rest of us are trying to stop; conducting some sort of experiment or something like that. I don't remember what he's doing, only what the outcome is. Suddenly there are all of these insects in the walls. They're visible because it's like the sheetrock is transparent and you can see the wires and wall frame. The insects look like a swarm of bees and they're moving through the walls from the exterior to the interior of the house. Suddenly the lights go out and it's pitch black inside. A man's voice tells me, "Don't worry; they're going after him.", meaning the man in the room. Apparently, whatever he is doing is attracting the bugs to him. I feel some of the bugs crawl across me but they don't attack. I sense that to me, they're harmless. But the man in the room, I hear him start to scream. About a minute later, the lights come back on and we run to the room where the man had been. When we get there, all we see is a giant swarm of insects beginning to disperse and die. Within seconds, they're all dead and lying on the floor. I can now get a good look at them and realize they're not bees because their bodies and wings are longer and thinner. A man, perhaps the same one who told me earlier not to worry, calls me over and shows me little vials of blood that they have extracted from each of the insects and tells me that they apparently drained all the blood from the man's body before consuming it.

      In my next dream, I'm in a cemetery and there's a funeral going on. I'm sitting with some of my family behind a grave that appears to belong to Leonard Nimoy. Besides his name on the headstone, there are photos of him and flowers and momentos laying around. But it's not his funeral because in the dream, I know I've been to his grave before. The funeral appears to be for William Shatner. His grave is just in front of Nimoy's and there is a similar collection of photos, flowers and momentos around it. I am a bit shocked by this because I didn't even know that William Shatner was ill; I thought he was in good health. Then the thought occurs to me that if he had been sick and lost some weight, he would look more like Captain Kirk from the original Star Trek series and that could be a good thing. Off to the side, one of my relatives is pointing out that Zsa Zsa Gabor's name appears on several of the headstones in the cemetery. Someone speaks up and says, "She married your uncle." Apparently, the names of the parents are on the headstones and that's why her name appears on more than one.

      I'm disappointed that I did not pick up on any of the obvious clues that this was a dream. Zsa Zsa Gabor never married anyone in my family and both Leonard Nimoy and William Shatner are alive and well in the real world.
    6. A most bizarre looking aircraft...

      by , 11-04-2011 at 01:48 PM (Pop's Dream Journal)
      Okay, last night's dream was really strange and seemed to go on for a long time:

      I'm at a large airport that doesn't resemble any I know in real life. I'm outside and planes are being moved around and parked on the tarmac. Most of them are models I am familiar with: MD-80's, 737's, etc. But one of them is like nothing I've ever seen before.

      It's huge and triangular, wide in the back with what look like delta wings like on the space shuttle, except that these don't look wide enough to give the aircraft the necessary lift it would need to fly. It almost looks like there are two fuselages, sitting one on top of the other, and held together in some kind of yellow tubular framework. The body of the plane ends abruptly at the front with a completely flat nose, not curved like most airplanes are. I can't help but stare at it and wonder what kind of drag that flat nose would cause on the aircraft itself. It's almost like it's the rear section of what would eventually be a double decker aircraft of gigantic proportions.

      Next, I find myself inside the airport. I am walking and talking with a woman who is wearing a one piece flight suit with military type markings and insignia. She is excited because she has just been chosen for her first assignment where she will parachute out of an airplane. We are walking outside because she wants to find the airplane she will be parachuting out of. We get outside and I see only three aircraft that look intact enough to fly. I tell her, "It's either this one", (pointing to one airplane), "that one over there", (pointing to another one), "or.....(pointing to the strange looking airplane), "it could be that weird airplane back there." We're not sure which airplane it will be, so while we're waiting, we decide to take a closer look at the strange aircraft. Looking at the flat nose section, I remark to her how much it looks like a pig's snout. We walk along the side of it and I tell her that it looks like it has an upper and lower deck, both with seats and point out what at first look like seats out in the open, not enclosed or protected by any walls or bulkheads. The seats are very small; at first I think they may be seats for babies to sit in. But that doesn't make sense because babies would not survive sitting outside an airplane when it is flying; they'd freeze to death. But then I notice the name "Gerber" printed on several of them and realize that they must be for baby bottles. "That makes sense," I say, "because they could store the baby bottles out here and they would be refrigerated by the airflow and high altitude. But how would the flight attendants be able to reach them in flight? They'd have to be wearing some kind of pressurized flight suit." Nothing about the design of the aircraft seems to make sense.
      At that point, a man I know in real life, T.P., walks up and tells us the our airplane is arriving and fixing to touch down. We're watching it's approach and the pilot is requesting instructions for landing. T.P. is telling the pilot to land but he seems to be making jokes, saying things like, "Kiss the runway" and "slap the pavement". The pilot is so confused and/or inexperienced that he overshoots the runway and has to circle around and try again. I look at the woman and ask her, "You're going to jump out of that???" Then I woke up.

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    7. Final boarding call...

      by , 10-31-2011 at 11:05 AM (Pop's Dream Journal)
      I'm at the airport about to get on a large aircraft. I'm on the jetway with my ticket and boarding pass but can't get on because there is a problem with another passenger. A flight attendent or gate agent is talking to the passenger and trying to resolve the issue. It's time for the aircraft to leave and the door would have closed already except that some middle aged woman (a passenger?) has stepped into the doorway and is keeping the door from closing. While all of this is going on, another flight attendent or gate agent walks up to me and asks to see my ticket. In my mind, I'm thinking that they're not going to let me on the aircraft because I tried before and wasn't able to get on. But this time everything seems okay and she ushers me into the aircraft. She tells another flight attendent something like, "Hey, you know that big box that you were going to watch TV on? Well you're going to have to move it because someone is going to sit there." The flight attendent leads me through the aircraft to my seat. As we go, I'm seeing empty seats here and there and wonder which one is mine. The seats are blue, as is the carpet. Some of the seats have what looks like plastic coverings on them. They might be blankets, I don't know. The flight attendent leads me to a place where two rows of seats come together at a 90 degree angle. There is a black woman laid out asleep across several seats, including mine, and the flight attendent wakes her up and has her move so I can sit down. She points to the seat that's right in the corner of the 90 degree bend and tells me that's my seat. So I sit down. That's all I remember.

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    8. Dream fragments

      by , 10-30-2011 at 02:04 PM (Pop's Dream Journal)
      Last night, I tried out a new app called Lucid Dream Brainwave for iPad. My dream recall seems to be going in reverse, so I wanted to see if it would help any. I had it playing all night and saw no improvement whatsoever. This morning all I remember are fragments of one dream.

      I'm at the airport with my mother and two of my brothers. We've just arrived from somewhere and are on our way to our car. As we're leaving the terminal, I stop to hold the door open for everyone, including two or three women who are behind us. One of my brothers yells for me to "hurry up", since I'm falling behind and I have the keys. I explain to him what I was doing, then we continue on to the car. My brothers aren't sure which car it is, so I take out the keys and use a button to open the trunk. They proceed to put their suitcases in the trunk then get in. I take my mom's suitcase to put it in the trunk and comment to her how light it is. She responds by saying she just packed enough for an overnight trip.

      Later, I'm walking down a side walk to a large, really long table. Some kind of contest on going to go on there and the participants are finding seats. I'm dressed in nothing but shorts and a shirt and carrying some kind of curved stick. It's what I will need for the contest and all the participants have them. I notice some of the participants are guys that I work with at my job. I walk along the table looking for an empty seat. But since the seats are so close together, I'm trying to find one that still has vacant seats on either side of it. I finally find one and prop my stick against it to save my place. Looking at the way some of the other participants are dressed, I decide that should have also worn underwear and a pair of flip-flops.

      Next I am walking up to a table where my mom is sitting and getting ready to eat dinner. I'm carrying a towel, some shorts and a pair of underwear wrapped up in the shorts. I alos have on a pair of flip-flops now. There is a woman standing at the table next to where my mom is sitting and she is stirring something white in a small pot of hot water that is sitting on the table. I ask my mom what it is and she tells me it's underwear and she's having it washed so they will be clean. She also tells me it's for Jasmine, who is one of her grandchildren in the waking world. I stand there and consider doing the same thing to the underwear I have, since I'm not sure if they're dirty or not. I decide not to (they look clean) and sit down.
      Then two more peole join us at the table; a woman and a young girl. We greet them and my mom looks at the girl and says, "What a perfect little person." I turn and look at the girl to see what she looks like. She has long straight black hair, dark skin and braces. She smiles at my mom.

      That's all I remember.

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    9. A very promiscuous dream...

      by , 10-28-2011 at 02:13 PM (Pop's Dream Journal)
      I find myself inside a large two story house. There is a woman there who I have never seen in real life but in the dream, she is my wife. The house belongs to her parents, who are there along with her sister and brother. It is early morning and I am needing to get ready to go to the airport because I have a flight to catch. But I'm not wearing a watch and I don't know what time it is. I also have not showered yet and my clothes are strewn all over the room we'd been staying in; most of them are dirty. As a result of all of this, I'm worried that I'll miss my flight but nobody else seems to be concerned.

      I'm walking around, trying to gather up all my clothes so I can get packed, when I hear some noise coming from downstairs. It turns out to be a bunch of family members and/or friends coming over for a get together. So suddenly the house is full of people and I'm thinking to myself that it's going to be difficult to get ready with all of these people here.

      I keep walking around, trying to gather up all my things and get ready, but there are just too many people everywhere. At one point I go upstairs to our bedroom and my wife is laying on the bed with her sister (they're only a couple of years apart in age). My wife is naked and her sister is only wearing a pair of panties and they're both laughing. I ask them what's so funny and her sister replies, "She can't find any underwear to wear." As she says this, she's pulling at her own panties and exposing herself to me in a playful manner. I'm kind of taken aback by this, but I respond in a humorous manner by offering to let my wife borrow my underwear and act like I'm about to take my pants off. My wife says "No, that's okay. I'll find some." My sister-in-law, meanwhile, is still looking at me and giggling and fiddling with her panties.
    10. At the airport

      by , 10-27-2011 at 01:42 PM (Pop's Dream Journal)
      In my dream last night, I'm sitting in a vehicle at the airport where I work. I'm in the passenger seat and one of my crew chiefs (J.H.) is in the driver's seat. We're parked out on one of the taxiways and I'm watching some kind of training video on a flat screen TV that we have set up on the dashboard. From time to time I'm distracted by this other guy who is driving some kind of strange construction vehicle up, down and around the taxiway near us. I can't help but watch him because he doesn't seem to know what he's doing. He keeps running into signs and markers. There is a headlight mounted on the front of his vehicle that is almost broken off from all the collisions he's had.
      From up ahead, these two other vehicles start coming down the taxiway towards us. Each of the vehicles has some sort of spinning brush head mounted in front of it and they appear to be cleaning/polishing the yellow stripe that runs along the length of the taxiway. I tell my crew chief, "I would just stay put. They'll go around us...", but he has already started backing up so I add (a little sarcastically), "..or we can just back up down the entire taxiway." But right after I say that, he makes a 90 degree turn to the left and backs OFF of the taxiway into the grass. I'm impressed with this and say something like, "We should have parked here all along so we wouldn't be in anyone's way."
      As we're sitting there, I see another vehicle (a forklift?) coming down the taxiway. It has a big bag or box or something hanging from the front of it. It is trying to make a left turn but the guy in the other vehicle who keeps running into things is in his way. At first, he backs up but not enough. Then he means to back up but drives forward instead. Finally he backs up enough to let the other vehicle get by. I look down the other taxiway that the vehicle turned onto and see a dumpster off in the distance and realize the other vehicle must be taking trash to the dumpster.
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    11. Just a fragment...

      by , 10-26-2011 at 03:52 PM (Pop's Dream Journal)
      Another night where I remember only a fragment of a dream:

      I'm lying in bed and wearing pajamas and a robe. I'm not laying flat, I'm propped up against some pillows that are between me and the headboard. Theres a young woman laying in bed next to me and propped up as I am. She's very pretty and kind of resembles Sara Gilbert (from the Big Bang Theory). We're talking and I ask her what she wants for Christmas. She tells me she wants a sister. I respond by telling her she already has two sisters, thinking in my mind of two girls (sisters) I know in real life. She says, "I know." So I ask her again, "What do you really want for Christmas?" and playfully bump her left knee with my right knee. She laughs and responds by rolling sideways towards me and gripping my knee with both of her knees. I take it as her flirting with me.

      At this point I woke up because I needed to use the bathroom.

      After falling back asleep, I enter the same dream it seems, but now I am off the bed and standing at the doorway of the bedroom. I'm bouncing a large blue tennis ball against the wall iin the next room. (By large, I mean kick ball sized) But after bouncing it against the wall for a while, I notice that the ball is leaving marks on the wall. I look closer and notice that they're not scuff marks; they're lined up perfectly horizontally and vertically. And some of the marks actually look like symbols. One is a half circle (like a smile) with a dot above it. I turn and ask the girl on the bed to "take a look at these marks on the wall."

      After this I wake up and can't get back to sleep.
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    12. Just one dream fragment last night...

      by , 10-25-2011 at 11:02 AM (Pop's Dream Journal)
      Ate a couple of slices of cheese and took a vitamin B-6 supplement(100mg) yesterday evening before bed, so I was diappointed that I only remember a fragment of one dream from last night:

      I'm in my truck in what looks like a suburban setting. A friend of mine is in another truck close by. We're on our way to the same destination. As I'm getting ready to turn right and drive down this one street, I see my friend take another route. I look toward where he is going, see that it's a shorter route and cut through a gas station parking lot in an effort to get ahead of him. I pull out to the right and get in the left turn lane at a traffic light. I look in my rearview mirror for my friend, don't see him and realize he has taken a different route.
      The light changes and I make the left turn, driving across a bridge that spans a small river or canal. Once on the other side, I make a left turn and follow the road, looking to see which way my friend went. It's slow going because there are cars in front of me and one of them is driving really slow. Eventually, though, I see the road my friend had taken (a straight shot with no traffic lights) and realize he is now way ahead of me.
    13. Planes, trains and...macaroni salad???

      by , 10-24-2011 at 12:47 PM (Pop's Dream Journal)
      I had two or three dreams last night but not really sure of the order they were in:

      I remember being on a road that runs parallel to a railroad track. Up ahead, the road makes a 90 degree turn to the right and crosses the tracks. I'm not sure what I'm driving, only that it's smaller than the cars and trucks that are lined up on the road. They're lined up because a train is coming and the crossing gate is down. My vehicle is small enough (a golf cart maybe?) so that I can drive alongside the stopped vehicles until I come to the railroad crossing. The first vehicle in line is my truck but some else (a friend) is driving it. While we're waiting for the train to pass, I look over and notice a small stone wedged in the tread or the right front tire. So I reach over and pry it out with my fingers but when it comes out, it turns out to be a long thin strip of metal or something, which I drop on the ground. Having seen how long the metal piece was, I'm now worried that the tire is losing air. I put my ear close to the tire, and I think I hear air coming out. But the train going by is making too much noise so I'm not sure. I put my hand where the metal piece was to see if I can feel any air coming out, but I can't. I step back and look at the tire to see if it looks low or flat, but it appears to be okay. I look on the ground for the piece of metal I dropped because I want to look at it more closely, but I can't find it. I think I find it but what I find turns out to be a long thin piece of rubber that is hanging down from the tire's wheel cover. Anyway, I'm worried that if the tire IS leaking air and with the train taking so long to go by, it might be flat by the time the train passes.

      In my next dream, I'm on an airplane. But it's not a normal looking airplane; it seems to have more than one cockpit. I never see it, but I'm assuming there is the normal cockpit at the front. I'm back in the cabin and there are two pilots sitting in seats which appear to have a second set of controls (almost like a driver's ed car has more than one steering wheel). But the pilots are just sitting there. I get the feeling that whoever is up front is flying the plane and these two pilots back here in the cabin are there just in case they're needed. We're coming in on approach over what appears to be a busy multi-lane freeway and having to bob and weave over, under and around obstacles like power lines and overpasses. It becomes clear to me that whoever is up front is having trouble keeping the plane steady and I begin to wonder if and when the two pilots in the back are going to take over. All of a sudden the plane descends down quickly and almost lands in the back of a large boat that's being towed on a trailer on the freeway. We're so close I can see the surprised face of a man standing in the boat. At that point, the two pilots take over and begin flying the airplane. I don't remember anything after that.

      In my third dream, I'm in what appears to be a large warehouse. People are claiming cargo and unpacking it. There is a family of Asian-looking people to my right and they're unpack two or three large bundles that appear to have been wrapped up in these huge green leaves. Each bundle is about three feet high and wide by about four feet long. I get the feeling that they bought or won the large bundles without knowing what was in them and that they're just now finding out. Since I'm close by, I can see what's in there as they unwrap them and it appears to be macaroni salad but the noodles are huge, big enough to put my arm through. Apparently, the contents of the bundles isn't what the people expected because they don't seem pleased. A little boy in the group turns his head and grimaces after smelling the noodles. At this point, my memories of the dream jump ahead a little. The same Asian family is now preparing the macaroni salad concoction on a stove and the man cooking (the father?) has added some kind of ingredient that he says will give it more protein. He wants me to buy a plate of the stuff from him, but I'm not sure if I should or not. Suddenly I remember I'm there with my brother and go outside to find him and explain what's going on. I walk outside into a courtyard and see my brother off to the right. He's standing by a small concrete ledge and talking to my Mother and a couple of my other brothers who are sitting on the ledge. I walk over to say hi to my Mom and she stands up and gives me a hug. At this point, I woke up.

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    14. An abundance of dreams...

      by , 10-23-2011 at 04:28 PM (Pop's Dream Journal)
      I had five different dreams last night:

      In my first dream, I'm in the military I think. I'm in a room with some other poeple (friends?) and we've been told to pack up all of our belongings because we're relocating. But I'm worried because I have a lot of equipment and we don't have much time. One of the guys asks me how much of the equipment is mine, so I show him about two or three speaker amps and some other stuff, then lead him into this room that has transparent walls. I show him some video game consoles of mine. There's an xBox 360, only it's been taken apart, customized then mounted on something that resembles the racks that computer servers are mounted on; only these racks are transparent as well. In the meantime, this man (the man in charge) keeps sticking his head in the doorway and announcing that "We're leaving."

      My next dream is really weird, because I find myself inside the body of a female musician (along the lines of Joan Jett but it's not her). We're inside a big auditorium with a stage set up in the middle and we're about to give a concert. There is a crowd of people lined up outside waiting to get in. I walk up onstage, pick up a guitar and place the guitar sling over my shoulder. I'm thinking, "This sling is really comfortable" and look to see what brand it is. (I can't remember) Then I become nervous because I don't know how to play the guitar. I'm wondering since I'm inside someone else's body, will I have their abilities as well. I try playing a few notes on the guitar and to me they sound terrible! But everyone else seems to be pleased, which I find strange.

      This next dream is one I 've had several times before, soit's familiar:
      I'm walking around what looks like a large library. There are multiple floors and I'm lost. It alternates between a library and what looks like a college dorm. I think I'm trying to find my room.

      In my next dream, I'm outside at night. It's like a scene from an old black and white horror movie: all the trees and grass are dead. I'm with some people I know: my sister-in-law, my daughter and my wife. There is a large fallen tree on the ground and we have to get past it to proceed. But there are wolves around and they are threatening us. I see a boy sitting on the ground that the wolves are going after, so I try to help him. But before I can reach him, the wolves drag him away. This scene repeats itself three times during this dream, which should have alerted me to the fact that I was dreaming but it didn't; I just went alonng with the dream. Anyway, I find some sticks/clubs/boards and hand them out to everyone so that we can attack the wolves and chase them off. We try to go one way but can't, so I start looking for a way through the tree, or up and over it. I can't find a way, but my wife walks forward and brushes away some leaves and branches to reveal a red brick floor. A hole opens up in the bricks and I see stairs leading down to a door leading to what looks like an old time outdoor shopping mall.

      In my last dream, I'm riding around on a golf cart with my daughter. We're inside a hotel but it's set up with wide hallways, so it's easy to get around. I'm trying to find my way outside but keep taking wrong turns and having to turn around. This annoys my daughter because we have food and some glasses of water on a small tray in front of us and my driving makes one of the glasses fall over and spill water. I eventually find the door leading outside but when we get outside, it's raining hard and we have to stay under a small covered area to keep from getting wet.
    15. Carpets and flying...

      by , 10-22-2011 at 12:50 PM (Pop's Dream Journal)
      I'm still having a little difficulty remembering my dreams. Still trying to get to the bottom of it.

      In my first dream, I'm in a large room, watching people who are laying down and rolling back and forth over blankets that are laying on the floor. Somebody is wanting me to do it also, which I don't mind doing because in my mind, I know the people are "doing it wrong" and I want to show them the right way. I lay down on a blanket and roll across it, grabbing the edge of the blanket and pulling it to me so that it wraps around me as I roll. I go first in one direction, then the other.

      In my second dream, I remember just a tiny fragment. I'm in the water or on a small piece of ground just above the water, looking up at the cliff of a huge land mass right beside me. There are also pieces of earth or land floating in various places in the sky. In my mind's eye I see a big picture of the land mass and pieces and notice that they're placed so that they create a large geometric design. I realize that my only escape is up, so I fly up and carefully thread my way through and around the land mass and floating pieces.

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