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    Dish washing dream and 4 fragments

    by , 07-11-2018 at 08:43 AM (66 Views)
    Fragment 1
    I'm Vladimir Putin's daughter. I'm a child, maybe around 11 years old. My father and I are standing on a grass field, the day is grey. A huge truck pulling a wagon with a big rocket (missile?) on it passes in front of us. Putin looks at me, smiles and says: "Trump also has one".

    Dream 1: Dish Washing
    It's the marriage anniversary of the Queen and her husband. Theres a parade through the city. The Queen and her husband both ride motorcycles in the parade. We arrive at the party venue. I am apparently working in the kitchen. Nobody seems to take care of the dishes, so I start doing this. Through the door I can see a hallway and the entrance to the bathroom. The Queen's husband comes into the hallway and heads towards the bathroom. He looks sick, constipated and he keeps rubbing his thighs. When he returns from the bathroom I ask him if he's okay.

    "These trousers are extremely tight!" he says.

    He leaves and I keep washing the dishes. I have trouble finding the right trays and making the forks and spoons fit inside the dishwasher. Also the drain is rather clogged. My superviser enters the kitchen and tells me off because some plates are still dirty, even though I didn't even wash them yet. I feel that this is very unfair.

    Fragment 2
    I'm a young woman who doesn't like the smell of the bug spray I'm using, so I mix it with my perfume. I wonder if it is still effective.

    Fragment 3
    I'm looking through Dumbledore's desk (very ratty-looking desk btw), searching for something, worrying if he will come back soon.

    Fragment 4
    I'm attending a lecture. The teacher is my old high school teacher. He's trying to climb over a wooden barrier while teaching. There is a projector screen. He asks me about the meaning of a joke in the film he's teaching on. I see flashes of the film, and of my friend telling the joke. I say the point of the joke is that the guy in the film finds himself. My teacher says: "Yes, but also about his virginity".

    I'm suddenly outside the lecture hall. It's a forest with a field in the middle. There's a double wired electric fence around the field. A young boy is playing underneath the wires. I try to persuade him to get out from under there, because my teacher is right now doing something that will turn up the electricity. The boy leaves and I follow him to a clearing containing a car with the trunk open, a man (the boy's father) and a woman (his sister). I feel that these are not good people.

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