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    30 day challenge

    by , 06-25-2013 at 06:23 PM (542 Views)
    Shamelessly copied and pasted from LMRhone's 30 day challenge.

    Basic Requirements for the Challenge

    - No techniques for WBTB

    - Complete all exercises in EWOLD

    - Get at least 6 hours of sleep

    - Update my personal dream journal with the dreams for each day, if I forget to do this or wake up with full dreams but lose them throughout and only update a fragment, that day doesn't count.

    - I will use nothing to aid in my lucidity, just my own mind. The only "lucid aid I will use is apple juice because I drink it all the time. No difference though.

    Goals for The Challenge (Not In-Dream)

    - To get lucid every night, preferably in every dream.

    - To remain aware unless absolutely necessary.

    - Find a reliable DS.

    Goals for The Challenge (In-Dream)

    - To get another lucid like the best one I ever had.

    - To overcome a deep personal fear.

    - All 5 TOTMs in one dream.

    - Get back to where I left off in the RPG prologue, stop the tornado, and sail to Cardia, while hopefully picking up other dreamers.

    - Have a fair amount of control. Not stressing about this.

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