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    Evil Social Studies Teacher

    by , 08-28-2012 at 01:30 AM (270 Views)
    8/7 I was in a group of like 20 people and John was one of them. We were outside. mr. velte (American Studies teacher) had a gun pointed at us and we were laying on our backs trying to scoot away. He told everyone to take their guns out and drop them. Many people did, but I felt my pockets and I didn't have one. I then realize that I did have a gun so I told him so that I wouldn't get shot. He was really angry and then we were tied to bulls and were being dragged across the ground. I was then suddenly in my basement with Jared, Becca, and Charles and we were looking for our guns. There was a maid so we asked her but she thought we were tallking about toy guns so we found toy guns and started playing with them. Mr. Abbinati (my gym teacher) then was there talking about the Olympics.

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