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    3 years dead father

    by , 05-11-2014 at 01:04 PM (349 Views)
    I found myself on a plane. It looked like infinite plate. Blue sky and grey ground without any feature. There was feeling of peace. I flew around for a while. My dead father was there. He looked much younger.
    I said:" Hello how are you?"
    He told me: "I'm here for three days and I feel very bored."
    "How could be bored?" I asked. "It is very peaceful here."
    "There is nothing to do here" he answered.
    "But there is so pleasant feeling of peace" I objected. "plus you may fly here by yourself"
    Then I was shown a vision of fathers work table. Of its drawers. They were being pulled out of table. He tried to show me something on the drawer but I woke up.

    I looked on that table and its drawers- there was nothing out of ordinary.
    Father was watchmaker and he worked by that table for maybe 40-45 years.
    He is dead for three years but it looks for him like 3 days?

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