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    by , 06-23-2016 at 12:56 PM (252 Views)
    I had accident, a car bumped into me and it threw me out of body. I looked on my physical body and it was pretty messed up. Then I looked on my "astral" body and it was shining white and naked. I walked away without any worries or sorrows about it. After some time walking around I went to city hospital. I found my body, after major operation, healing up. I went to find physician to speak with him. I asked him: when I may take my body again?
    He looked on me and told me: You are naked, you must not show yourself in naked state, it is not proper.
    I countered: I feel hot and I don't need clothes.
    Physician then tried to cover me with white doctor coat, but it went right through me and to ground. I'm not physically here... see? I told him.
    Then physician stood up and showed his fist into wall a few cm deep into it and it started to ring. Like old telephone ring. And I saw that under the mortar there was small push button with bell pictured on. I touched it with my finger and the ring stopped.

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