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    Astral plane

    by , 04-01-2016 at 08:50 AM (377 Views)
    I emerged from my body on a large plane together with my wife... It was quite work to bring her there. It was featureless black glass like smooth surface And there was abyss on right side in about 25-30 meters distance. The sky was also featureless and black. Our bodies were the only light sources there, shining quite bright to lighten maybe 100m circle around us. It was soft light, it didn't dazzle our eyes.
    We communicated directly by thoughts.
    At last, I managed to bring you out of body. I told her.
    She asked me: where are we?
    I feel, that we are in astral dimension. I wasn't in this kind of place yet though. Please try to balance yourself I have problems to stabilize yourself.
    My wife was all giddy, running around, looking for something... and she got close to abyss. Then she got scared from depth of it and ran back to me.
    I doubt about this. I have only strange dream, she told me.
    Don't doubt things here, it is destabilizing yourself, I'm already losing you! I communicated to her as she was less and less substantial. Try to remember this please!I managed to tell as she vanished.
    I remained there for minutes... standing still, doing nothing but concentrating and observing my featureless surroundings. Then I was forced back to my body.

    My wife has no memory of this experience
    The only time I managed to have my wife act consciously in astral projection. Even if it is possible that she was projection of my subconscious mind

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