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    Big treasure

    by , 03-08-2016 at 01:48 PM (263 Views)
    I was held prisoner by a group of people who wanted to know where my treasure is. They tried to get information from me. It was surreal. They treated me by saw... that they will cut me limb by limb... And they wanted to demonstrate it...
    There was a mound of soil in that room. And they started motor saw and they cut into that mound. And I heard sounds of pain... sparkles sprung from that mound. Then that small mound jumped and there was man jumping from the soil... it was visible that he had chains on limbs, and that motor saw cut through them. He wasn't wounded. Stop!, he told them we must do it other way, give him a shot of drugs. I understood that they will give mi injection of something what would make me speak about everything I know. I tried to run, but they caught me.
    I felt the stab of injection and I felt the change in my mind state in response to it. But it was different... I was in control. While I couldn't run away, I was in total control of my body and mind at once. I felt my consciousness to rise. Shortly after I got injection I let my body collapse down lifelessly like. My tormentors started to dispute... that they got me too much of drug. Inside of my mind I laughed. They tried to wake me. To provoke some reaction from my body- there was none So they waited. After a long while I had enough to be in not very comfortable position and I faked waking up. They immediately started to ask me questions. I felt something in me that wanted to reveal my secret but my consciousness was much stronger. I started to speak rubbish. Totally random rubbish
    At last, they let me go. They decided to observe me and find out where treasure lies that way. I was walking up the hill through open woodland... and I felt that they are observing me. And I was walking up and sat on big rock above abyss... bathing in rays of reddish sunset light... And I spoke loudly and clearly "This is my treasure!"

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