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    Bomber pilot

    by , 07-18-2017 at 01:11 PM (216 Views)
    I was flying the plane reminiscing Avro Lancaster bomber plane as a member of bomber group. I emerged into dream when we were flying above Germany occupied land. The flak was firing at us in irregular manner all the way to the target, where we dropped bombs and turned back to England.
    Half the way to home, my plane was hit by flak fire and lost nearly whole tail section... The airplane became very nose heavy, and started to tip down... But I felt, that flaps were functional, so I started to do slow horizontal pirouette to hold more or less straight flight direction. I managed to fly that way for a long time, till I reached England and started to try and land on the closest airfield...
    It was bad. I managed to do last wing over very close to ground and then level the airplane for a short time. Then I landed it hard and the airplane started to roll over the nose to its back, to belly and again through nose to back... maybe 10-15 times over, till it stopped. I was dead by that time and saw it from above.

    There was no one on board of airplane when I was landing. I was last one there.
    I couldn't jump from airplane, it was somehow impossible because of its condition. To attempt to land was the only way to have chance to survive- I didn't manage that.
    There was no fear emotion, only strong concentration on flying, trying to survive... After death I felt something like relief...
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