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    Book of sins

    by , 10-08-2015 at 11:28 AM (349 Views)
    I was in my mother's house. We were speaking about many different things... I don't remember about what. But I remember about last theme... We started speaking about God, his benevolence and similar things (My mother is believer in personal and intervening God, I'm believer of impersonal, in our life disinterested god- if there have to be God...). My mother gave me something like book with thick pages(like small children books have) "Here is the book of your sins, I have it directly from the God. The red marks are representing your sins"
    There were fixed red marks on the pages of the book... I touched the page and the red marks started to fall down from the book fast. It was like they lost their adhesivity... Only white pages remained in that book of my sins.
    Mother told me: "You are trying to cheat! You can do whatever you want, the God knows your sins."
    "Whatever... I don't care about the cheating, I only touched it and the marks have fallen alone." I replied. Then I tried to stick the red marks back to the book. It wasn't possible to do it. It was like there is electrostatic charge on them, they couldn't even touch the surface of page. And I said: "See? They don't want to stick on the pages."

    After some time I had somewhat interesting dream
    It is only dream... I don't expect for it to be tied with reality
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    1. ~Dreamer~'s Avatar
      Very interesting theme and ideas! I like dreams that make me ponder things like that.
      I occasionally have dreams involving philosophical debates, where I inexplicably become a lot more eloquent than in waking life.
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