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    Buzzing black filaments

    by , 03-11-2020 at 08:46 PM (88 Views)
    I had a bit problems to get away from my body, I guess, my concentration wasn't great today. But after a few tries I managed.
    Once I stood in dark bedroom, I have heard strange buzzing sound... So I followed it to the source. I got to bedroom of my older daughters... And over the second oldest sleeping body I saw something like black filaments, about 5cm wide, and moving a bit. The strange loud buzzing was emanating from them. I put my hands on them and pulled them with a bit difficulty away. The buzzing sound got louder at first and then it ceased... And filaments dissipated and I found myself back in my body.
    Immediately I went out of body again and walked back to my daughter bed. There were no filaments anymore. I put my hands on and then into my daughter body, trying to pull her out of body, but I didn't manage that.
    So, i went out of house through closed balcony doors(I wasn't able to open those doors, as usually..) I had fallen down from first floor height and walked without thinking about that concentrated on here and now...

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