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    by , 12-03-2014 at 11:03 PM (281 Views)
    I was cleaning basement in my house when two bats flew inside through doors and hanged themselves on ceiling... I looked at them and I saw something malicious in them. Their eyes were slightly alight with red light. I thought- vampires... I let them be for time being as they didn't do anything. I returned to cleaning some mess(dust, saw dust, small scraps of paper and small pieces of wood) again.
    Then third bat flew inside, this one was big. It was normal one. One bat (transformed vampire) flew startled away and big bat flew after him.
    Second bat changed to vampire and ran to me- head first, mouth open, teeth glistening... I catched his head gently, changed his course slightly and smashed him hard head on into wall next to me. Vampire was greatly disoriented... He forgot what he wanted to do. He was shaking... I returned to cleaning. Vampire recovered after minute or so and attacked again... And I did the same as before and smashed him into wall with ever stronger force- vampire vanished into dark cloud and cloud evaporated into nothingness. I returned back to cleaning without thinking about what happened.

    Note: whole time I felt to be in peace, relaxed... even through that incident with attacking vampire.

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