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    Colony ship.

    by , 03-08-2016 at 01:22 PM (255 Views)
    First dream two days ago:
    I projected colony space ship. It had to be O-Neill type of colony with strong fusion engines attached on one end and big slab of ice on front end as radiation shield.

    Today(I was surprised a little, that it continued) :
    We were group of people, travelling in between stars. We were last hope... Earth was dead. We came to planet, it was barren and without life, but big enough and in right position. We parked our ship on orbit and terraformed it. It was like film... I saw how we started terraformation, then we went to hibernate a few times till planet was habitable. But we didn't want to live there... we were nomads of space. We didn't want to live bound to planet... So we left there many of our children (which had different mindset) with small human like creatures (of limited intelligence but those creatures were great helpers)...
    And we moved again away, into darkness of space course set to next star. We were nomads... we liked to travel into unknown, our task was to seed life, but we didn't want to stay on one place. A sparkle of light dancing in darkness... we continuously advanced technologically and spiritually...

    Whole experience was set to outside observer frame, I wasn't represented by one being. I was all of them, from outside.
    The whole experience was somewhat nostalgic... It felt like I/we are losing things, but we never wanted them back... it was like retrospective, looking back on memory of past, but not attached to it... only somewhat regretting and at the same time in peace with everything.
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