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    Concrete honeycomb- prison?

    by , 08-22-2015 at 11:18 AM (457 Views)
    I was laying in the bed and training my relaxation and concentration routine. I didn't think I would be able to either to travel or make to WILD. But... as I got into sleep paralysis I started to see hypnagogic images... like small colored squares through whole field of vision. I worked to eliminate this vision. After some time I managed to clean off that visions till blank view remained. By that time I felt the bonds of physical body loosened, so I started to rock my second body and separated fully.

    My surrounding is indistinct... dark and grainy... But I don't ponder on the state of it and I'm moving further away from my body. I walk to stairs to go down, but it seems that gravity has not hold of me and instead of going downstairs, I walk on the air above stairs and then through the roof out of my house. I'm walking on the air My surrounding is clearer. I observe it. I found strange but interesting motorcycle parked on the street. I sat on it and started to drive it down the street. When I got to first turn I found it very difficult to steer. I went through a few objects- some concrete poles and trees- till I found my way back on the street. Second turn was as difficult as first one. Strange. I tried to lean on the opposite side to what one has to steer motorcycle and it functioned. To turn right I need to lean to the left side??? Strange. My concentration slipped and I found myself back in my body.

    I'm laying in the bed. I see hypnagogic images again... the squares are somewhat distinct... They are not the same. Each of them is a little different. I concentrate on them and they magnify a little. The squares are photos of people... Some of them I know, some not. There are also squares with generic silhouette of people. I browse through those images and I tried to concentrate on some of them. It seems like concentration on the image makes me to see 3D image of the particular human. It started to animate... and my concentration slips. I need to make it faster if I have to make it into WILD with someone I concentrate on. I found image of my wife. I concentrate on her and I managed to create WILD with her. We are in some kind of place... It looks like made of concrete. Concrete floor, and concrete high walls. I observe- there is no roof. If I manage to fly up, maybe 5m, I could see what is on the other side of wall. I concentrate to fly... I don't have good results at start. I manage to make my body lighter. I concentrate further. My body starts to levitate till I'm above the wall... It looks like whole surrounding is a honeycomb made of concrete. In the adjacent cell there were a few unfamiliar people... hmm what this means... Some blonde woman saw me and she was curious how I managed to fly up... I shout back that she needs to concentrate. My concentration on flying is not so good and it slips already. The gravity takes hold of me and I'm dragged back to my cell. To my wife. She asks me why I'm naked. I look on myself and indeed I'm naked. I'm not concerned with this. Why should I be? I'm dreaming. She handed me black leather coat. It looks quite cool. As I got it on me, I was fully clothed. I took hand of my wife and I took us to some city. It is night. There are many people walking around. My wife sees some man and she recognizes him as friend. She wants to speak with him. I left her with that man and I started to walk around observing my surrounding. I walked maybe 100 m from my wife by the time and looked back to her. She talks animatedly to her friend. I didn't want to disturb her reunion, so I walked away alone. I walked and I observed... Somehow I couldn't interact with people I met... They circumvent me and at same time they looked like they don't register me. I remember to walk for some time. I remember that I found my surrounding very boring. I remember I was tired, it was long after midnight after all. I remember falling into darkness of unconsciousness.

    The OBE was quite weak. My surrounding was very rough, very obscure.
    The WILD part was interesting on the other hand...
    My wife doesn't remember to be dreaming with me, so I didn't manage shared dream. Again.
    The honeycomb was made of concrete, with high walls... what could it mean? Maybe nothing. There were cells as far as I could see.
    Concentration on flying out of our cell was difficult. I managed only short time flying and I was exhausted after that.
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