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    From dream to astral

    by , 07-08-2015 at 09:34 AM (650 Views)
    I went to bed at 1 o'clock (for 5 hours of sleep) and I was quite tired. So I started my training routine with a foreknowledge that I would fall to sleep. I do this for shortening time needed to recuperate for the next day. After maybe 10 minutes I lost consciousness.

    After some time I started to dream. I was in some unknown room with two women One was blonde, second was dark haired... It was sunny day. After about 15-20 seconds into dream my consciousness got alerted. I was going to sleep! This is a dream. Wake yourself!!!
    I concentrated inside, my consciousness jumped into overdrive and started to become larger and larger. Women vanished. Surrounding went from sunny day into nearly dark night time. The room lost its real looking and shifted into being my very real bedroom. My clothes vanished. I saw my physical body, dark in the darkness sleeping on my bed. My consciousness grew. My astral body produced dark violet aura with small(1-2cm long) violet lightning bolts dancing on my skin. I started to feel my surrounding. I took large area around myself and implemented it into my consciousness. I reoriented myself and started to fly in the direction, where I felt, I was needed to go. I disregarded everything in my flight path- walls, fences and trees. I flew right through those things. I respected earth's surface, since flying through earth can have negative influence to stability of my astral projection. I tried to fly faster since I felt that I don't have much time. It looked like I was deforming the space in my flight trajectory. I felt quite strong bonds to area I was in... It felt as if they were retarding my speed. But I projected more and more power into faster flying. It functioned somewhat... I started to make something like short but very fast jumps in space. I felt to be about 70% of distance away from my target when my effort started to destabilize my existence there. It was like short circuiting, that violet lightning bolts were larger and larger, until all my surrounding vanished into very bright violet light.
    And I was awake back home in my body.

    I don't feel this to be DILD. I got my usual superconsciousness so typical for OBE (astral and higher projections).
    Dream was left as my consciousness grew- I'm not able to do this usually. One needs great concentration to go more aware than in lucid dream, when he starts from dream. Dreaming is a distraction in this case. Lucid dreaming is the same. A distraction.
    How to describe that implementation of surrounding into my consciousness... imagine your senses spread onto that area and taking information directly from it. Like all that surrounding is your body.
    Flying through things was not felt (Good detachment)
    Whole experience lasted about 5 subjective minutes.
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    1. DawnEye11's Avatar
      Im not sure I understand the conciousness growing part. Did you mean you started to become more aware it was a dream and your memory returned? The transition was interesting. It was like it effortlessly changed to what you do most of the time which is obe.
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    2. Psionik's Avatar
      That's hard to describe. Now you have some level of consciousness. Consciousness level is often much lower in dreams... You can compare it. Now imagine that your strength of consciousness is growing, that you feel it more refined way... and more and more complex as time flows. The consciousness when in basic OBE state, in astral dimension, is in lower regions of astral dimension nearly equal to waking life in physical world, but it feels stronger in higher regions of astral. Here I felt it grow stronger and stronger...

      The transition was equal what I believe... something like this:
      1. the dream is like you are actor playing in theater, and you don't know it.
      2. lucid dream is like you are actor in the theater, and you know that you are playing. So you can change the play.
      3. OBE (to astral and higher dimension) is like you dismiss the theater, all those fake sceneries and you see into real world.
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    3. DawnEye11's Avatar
      Oh, makes sense. Thx for explaining.
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