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    Dream sex

    by , 06-04-2017 at 10:13 PM (347 Views)
    I emerged into lucid dream close to some house... so wanting to explore I went inside. I found there naked young woman with brown hair... She was irresistibly sexy. It was great sex (I won't go into details), but... pity, I should resist the urge, I couldn't find anything new there because of this. A lost chance.

    The dream lasted about 15 subjective minutes.
    The feelings I got were great, but it is pity I didn't explore instead. I would probably last much longer in the dream.
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    Tags: wild


    1. LostTraveller9's Avatar
      Why resist?
      You say it like your urges are bad.
      You'll have more dreams, Any activity you do in a dream that you couldn't normally do in real life is worth it, in my opinion.
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    2. Psionik's Avatar
      Ah... well.
      You see, I have experienced quite a more LDs and OBEs than I had written here. Sex in astral or in lucid dream is not that interesting like research of things. And when you take, that characters you meet there are mainly weak minded dream zombies... they may look great but their consciousness is weak or even zero. In this case, the consciousness of that girl was fully closed into only one thing- to make love.
      Next thing is, that sex is quite repetitive thing, there is nothing other than pleasure to gain from it. Well, maybe not nothing, I tried to do something like Tantra Yoga there, but without much success... I mean, I can control the whole experience to quite a great extent, it is similar to real world. My wife doesn't like that very much, it is taxing her, when I can do things for more than hour. It is simple, one just need mental control. But I expected there something more... hmmm mystical, something farther reaching. Maybe I need to train it more... but you know, with expectations the things start to happen in both, LD and OBE. Realism suffers - and that is the next aspect I'm researching, because it is more interesting to me.