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    Dream Wandering

    by , 05-12-2017 at 09:06 AM (258 Views)
    I emerged into lucid dream with my wife, hand in hand... the place was unknown city, it was dark night, the sky was without stars or moon, but there were many shops opened and shining, lighting the darkness in front of them. I walked with my wife hand in hand down the street, looking around. My wife was more like sleep zombie then lucid. She spotted some beauty shop and insisted that she looked old and that she needs to look better and younger for me. I disagreed but couldn't do anything before she entered that shop. Firstly, I wanted to follow her, so I wouldn't lose her in dream, but then spotted something strange.

    There was a tunnel a few tens of meters away, lit in darkness and some kind of a monster was at the end of it. I decided to investigate that. There is no fear in the high lucidity of experience I had. So I entered the tunnel. While tunnel looked a few tens of meters long when I was at its beginning, it was only optical illusion. It was only about 3 meters long and everything in it was painted... I got quickly to the monster, but it was only pixelated painting. I turned back to be quickly by my wife. I was back in the beauty shop under one minute, but my wife disappeared. I went away from the shop, into the city. I walked for long time without thoughts, without aim, without emotions... I was only observing my surrounding taking the information from it.

    After many tens of minutes I decided that I should take more active approach and I decided to examine some buildings. So I turned to closest one, with very big double sided doors. I opened them easily... and behind those doors there was only about 1 meter space... but as I turned, I saw that in 90 degrees angle from doors direction there are broad stars up... everything was lighted in bright white light, but without visible light source. The stairs ended in great hall... there were sitting benches and a few dream zombies moving around without aim. Otherwise, the space was feature less. Wanting to go back, I turned, but those stairs disappeared- there was only featureless white wall at its place. I wasn't interested in those mindless people there. In retrospective, I could try to interact with them... maybe even try to have sex. But as nearly always I don't have such intentions when my lucidity is so strong. Not knowing what to do and not wanting to end the dream at that time, I decided that I will sit down and relax for some time. I was there tens of minutes of subjective time.

    The surrounding changed and I found myself sitting in the bus driving to my village. The surrounding was familiar. It was night there. When the bus drove into my village I asked old woman which was sitting close by, where is the bus driving next. She told me that it is going to village where my friend lives. So I decided that I will not get off of it but I will try to visit her. Well the bus drove into unfamiliar surroundings, the place looked like one where I got often when I get lost in my LD and OBE experiences. I asked again whether this bus goes to her village, and the answer was yes. So I waited. And really, I saw the familiar scene- but there was marked difference- the right side of the road had about 80 degrees downwash, 100 meters or more deep, and at the bottom of that valley the shining yellow hot lava flowed. The left side looked like it should, but right side, where also my friend house stands wasn't there. Not even sidewalk was there. Parts of tarmac road was looking like it was running off to the valley. I resettled the dream not wanting to go there, trying to go to the right place.

    Now, I was flying to friend's village. Everything looked OK. Till I got to her village- again, the right side of the road was deep valley. The difference was, that that valley didn't contain lava stream, but now it was full of trees. Even the steep sides. So I decided that I need to wake up to reset the dream properly. And I woke up.


    * My wife wasn't too lucid there, more like typical dream zombie, but at least she reacted to me. Dream zombie is my term for people in lucid dreams and OBEs- those people look normal but are like automatons, or robots in their activities.
    * My wife lamented about her age and looks night before, and I tried to persuade her that it doesn't matter to me and to our children and that we love her... this probably translated into dream.
    *I went to sleep after long relaxation, so I wasn't tired... I was left with 4 hours of sleep left... and I was so focused that I decided to try the lucid dreaming or OBE if I would be able to. WILD came first here.
    * Real time of this WILD was about 1 hour. I found that I wasn't tired being lucid for so long... but of those less than 3 hours of sleep I was left, I don't remember of any other dream. And I'm not feeling sleepy.
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