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    Failed dream check

    by , 12-03-2017 at 02:04 PM (210 Views)
    It started as I woke and went to work I sat into bus. Something seemed to be weird, so I did reality check... But everything looked perfectly normal to me... I thought about that as the bus went to city.
    I was ready to dismiss the thought of dream when my friend stepped into bus on first bus station in the city. She was totally naked. She didn't have even shoes. That alerted me again. Because she didn't act as if she was naked. So I concluded that I dream and I went a few steps to her to tell her that we are dreaming this up. But then I thought: This is awkward, it will be better to leave it as it is. It doesn't need to be embarrassing for her, It will be better to not alert her. So I went back.
    When I sat down, she wasn't present in bus anymore. And I thought: I was sleeping and dreaming for a while, this isn't dream. The bus went into river- the driver told us that he need to wash dirt from wheels For me it seemed to be perfectly normal thing. I left bus on next station and went to store as I do usually every morning.
    I found there a small girl with lighter hue of black skin. With large eyes. I felt sympathy to her, she looked to be lost there. So I asked her where her parents are, whether she doesn't need help. She embraced me and started to cry. So I took her with me. We met some woman, who sent us to one particular house. It looked deserted, but after a short exploration, I found bedroom where young woman with three children slept.
    I awoke her. She was startled first but when I told her, that I'm trying to help small girl she stopped to worry. She told me that she doesn't know her. She really didn't look like her mother. Nor her children- or were of light white skin hue. Children started to play together, and that girl didn't want to leave, nor those children wanted to let her leave. But I felt that we need to. So we said our farewells.
    Then, we were walking through city and thought about hospital, maybe they could check her identity.

    Pity I wasn't conscious enough, it wouldn't be awkward to contact friend even if she was naked. I could try to communicate. Even though, it is improbable that shared dream is possible. I didn't find any proof of possibility of that yet.
    It never occurred to me that going to police would be much better course of action.

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