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    Flying in between clouds

    by , 08-08-2014 at 09:16 AM (365 Views)
    I started to comprehend my surrounding and I found myself to be flowing in air. It looked as if I was in between two layers of clouds. Clouds were separated by a few kilometers of blue sky. I was weightless. There were ghostly looking animals(some looking like snakes, some like birds...) - they tried to stop me to fly my direction... to change my direction. They were slower than me...
    Then I flew in between four massive pillars which stretched from below lower layer of clouds to nearly higher layer of clouds. They were more than kilometer thick- so massive... On upper ends of pillars there was an intricate grid with holes looking like flowers also from marble. I saw plants, trees on that marble grid, it was at least 1 kilometer above myself. Pillars were composed of veined marble... they were majestic... I felt like being on sacred place. Animal ghost were shrieking after me to stop, to not go any further, to go back...

    I flew further... marble grid with trees stretching above me and marking my path... I had feeling like some gods (or spirits) are angry with me, that I desecrated their place... they tried to stop me together with the animal spirits. And I flew in between another four massive pillars. The place felt even more sacred than first one. I flew further, through more such sacred places, dragging many angry spirits after me... In seventh sacred place the marble grid above ended. Pillars were much smaller and there was something like altar... I looked on all the spirits which were trying to stop me, only to see, they cant go into seventh sacred place... They looked now nearly black. I was filled with ave and respectful peace. I prayed for deliverance. On altar shining Being materialised. It looked for short time like some kind of minotaur with horns, than it slowly changed into buddha like person. I felt changes of my body. I was surprised- and then I felt changing back. The being was smiling on me and changed me again.

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    1. ~Dreamer~'s Avatar
      Sounds like a very intense dream!
      Those clouds sounds beautiful.
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