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    The futility is irrelevant

    by , 06-12-2016 at 05:29 PM (272 Views)
    I was part of USS Voyager crew- I don't know who, but I was bridge officer. We discussed how to go faster back to Earth. Seven of Nine had an idea. She showed us map where she added trans-warp corridor Borg were using. All that was needed was to adjust our deflector while flying at warp to "hack" into that corridor.
    We tried to do so... And indeed the warp changed and we were flying super-fast as indicated on map of galaxy.
    But then the Borg hailed us: You are using our corridor. You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile.
    I teleported out of ship letting it to fly back home and I stood in front of Borg cube: The futility is irrelevant! and with blinding flash I banished them.
    After light faded I found that I also changed the position... And I was only point of consciousness, I had no physical body. And I saw galaxies all around. Some of them spiral and elliptical, but I saw irregular galaxies further away. I was floating for short time, considering possibilities.
    I thought... I need to find my way back to my body, otherwise it will die and I will never come back to my family... I looked around trying to identify galaxies, trying to determine which one is my home galaxy. It was strange, I started to see names and numbers on lower right side in red digital alfabet. Abell xxxx where xxxx was number. I couldn't find where the Milky Way galaxy is. I thought: Lets the body die, I don't need it if I can exist this way.
    I took course and I flew, faster and faster, further and further. objects I was seeing were going to redder and redder and more and more irregular. They also dimmed the further I flew... The universe started to glow as I accelerated further... and I found myself back in my body, woken in my bed.

    I looked on internet for names of galaxies and there are many galactic clusters named Abell. If that what I was seeing was galaxy cluster it would explain irregularities... and also why I didn't see my home galaxy. I probably read about it sometime in past but I don't remember when.
    Galaxies going redder... hmmm those old galaxies emerged long time ago... maybe only red dwarf stars remained in them.

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