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    by , 12-29-2015 at 04:15 PM (227 Views)
    I was to be born. I had no physical body yet. And I saw gods, they had plans for me. There was also someone who was my mother, but not physical one. She had clothes made of bread... And I eat from those clothes. And she spoken with one of higher gods, she tried to make him to teach me. She wanted him to teach me for 16 years. He said: No. Mother was disappointed. But that god continued: Even 17 years will not be enough... I will teach him for 18 years.
    I don't know what I learnt during this time. Time jumped and I found myself meditating on the orbit of the Earth. Without any protection in quietness of vacuum. I was upon dark side of Earth, I saw only thin crescent of by Sun lighten atmosphere... and vastness universe full of stars. I felt I had to fly back... So I flew down fast. The air burned orange hot around me. I went back where gods lived. There was very long stool with chairs. We used to hold debates there. Some of gods were not exactly friendly towards humans. One of them(Anubis) held soul of girl. I felt connection to that girl. I felt the need to save her. So I tricked somehow Anubis to look at something for just long enough to take that girl from him and to take it to chair where I used to sit(there was written Isis on the chair) For some reason Anubis named me Bhagavadita (I looked on internet and I found something named Bhagavad Gita... but that is a book according to internet???) So Anubis went to me to punish me and to torture the soul I tried to save. I took that girl/soul into arms tightly and started to change mental state. The reality as I observed it changed. I saw us as small clouds of light... I was very bright sky-violet, girl/soul was orange- it looked as if orange ribbons are intermeshing with my larger bright blue-violet cloud... and Anubis was black cloud. Other gods were also differently colored shining clouds. Anubis couldn't overpower me.
    Then again, I found myself on the earth orbit, on the dark side... in vacuum. I started to think... how could I breath vacuum? I found out that I don't breathe. Nothing to worry I decided. Breathing is disturbing my meditation. I observed myself enclosed in about half meter thick blue-violet aura. After some time I felt I need to go back. So I flew down and I woke up.

    It was somewhat chaotic dream.
    Isis was my mother?
    I was Bhagavadita? I remember seeing that book(cover of it) in book store. I didn't read it.
    Holding that soul/girl was so great... I felt her missing after I woke up.

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