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    He needs a friend...

    by , 07-24-2015 at 12:23 AM (288 Views)
    I was in hospital for some reason. It looked like I'm in early 20th century. I was walking down the corridor Where I met very ill man. He was very overweight and he was dying. He was waiting for surgery with uncertain outcome... I decided to stay with him. He started to shout on me and to yell invectives... but he couldn't chase me away. He was weak. Nobody could get me away. I took hand of this foul man and walked to surgery. I was stroking his hand and telling soothing words to him as surgery went... Somebody, whom I didn't see, asked me why I'm with such foul man. I told to that voice: "This man needs a friend now!!!" And I saw the pain of this man and I remained by him holding his hand through entire surgery.
    There was time warp to a few days into future: the man has died. I was in morgue with body of this man. There were doors, many doors. The floor, stools, desks, doors and curtains were black, the walls and ceilings were pure white. I tried to find a place where I can lay body of that dead man.
    I opened first door and behind them there were wild people with stone axes and spears. They started to chase me... and I managed to run away.
    Next door led to an empty room.
    Third door led to room where viking like people were drinking beer and various alcoholic beverages and there were some half eaten roasted animals. At the head of table sat big man with ornate hammer-Odin? I closed that door and tried next.
    Fourth door led to a room where I saw Anubis at the head of big table... and something like golden pharaoh... There were also a few Horus like and I think Bastet like beings... They looked on me. I bowed and excused myself from that room.
    I went to fifth door and the music started to play in my ears as my dream started to lose its consistency and I got awake: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=esBJKglRv24
    There comes a time
    When you face the toughest of fights
    Searching for a sign
    Lost in the darkest of nights
    The wind blow so cold
    Standing alone
    Before the battle begun
    But deep in your soul
    The future unfolds
    As bright as the rays of the sun

    You've got to believe
    In the power of love
    You've got to believe
    In the power of love
    The power of love

    Blazing emotions
    There's a light that flows from your heart
    It's a chain reaction
    And nothing will keep us apart
    Stand by my side
    There's nothing to hide
    Together we'll fight to the end
    Take hold of my hand
    And you'll understand
    What it truly means to be friends

    You've got to believe
    In the power of love
    You've got to believe
    In the power of love
    It gives meaning to each moment
    It's what our hearts are all made of
    You've got to believe
    In the power of love
    The power of love

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