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    The Hell

    by , 08-01-2015 at 07:16 PM (340 Views)
    I'm flying. There is crying and wailing below me. The Earth looks black, burned. There are fires on some places... I see black remainders of things... and black bodies. Some of them are moving. My power is strong, I feel currents of energy inside myself, but I can't help.
    I'm flying down. My blue violet sparkling aura is shining and lighting that destroyed country... The wailing grows stronger. They are scared of me... I'm cloaking myself into a field of changed reality. It changes the feeling of desperation and pain emanating from that place into peace and love surrounding myself. It helps to stabilize my balance. I'm landing.
    The surrounding of my landing place is cleaned of the blackened miserable beings- they ran. I'm offering the help... There is nobody who wants it. After a few minutes I'm starting to fly away. I'm flying surrounded by my aura, the island of peace and unconditional love. There- I feel connection... My soulmate is here? I'm seeking for her. And I'm finding her. She lies on the ground... blackened body as others. As soon as she notices me, she is trying to run away. I'm feeling a strong denial from her, which makes me to contemplate whether I should go to her. My feeling tells me, that that wouldn't be a good idea. But I decided not to stay away and I'm flying down to her. When I'm determined, there is no escape for her possible. My aura surrounds her... She is declining the peace, love... she can't understand the feelings and she is visibly shaken. My aura can't penetrate blackness of her body. I feel desperation, sorrow... my peace and balance is failing which is possible to see on my aura. When I see that, I let it dissipate fast, I restore the balance and strength of the aura is also restored. I let her feel, that I'm going away, but I will be back again... And I send her as much light, love and peace as I can. She is staying blackened... and I'm flying away... I'm flying and cruising above that world. I'm seeking for beings who are able to understand and take my help...

    -I debated myself whether I should write this here... Well I feel that this was little too intimate for comfort of my mind.
    -I know it looks depressive, but I felt in peace and love with everybody.
    -My aura... energy strongly depends of the concentration... on the balance of feelings. Again and again I'm finding that.
    -I would say this was wild without imagination starter, or astral projection without feeling of separation. Both are possible. It wasn't normal lucid dream, but for astral projection it felt like... maybe very low astral?
    -Meeting with my soul mate was unexpected. Her state of mind even more so. I'm confused.
    -My whole communication with beings there was done by using of the feelings. I didn't use words. I was sending feelings and received answers in feelings.

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