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    Long OBE

    by , 08-23-2019 at 12:08 AM (130 Views)
    I have stood out of my body and started to walk through my dark house. It was empty. I went to balcony, directly through the closed doors. There I levitated up on the railing. And then I jumped to fly away- I started to fall and somehow I returned back to the balcony. Standing on the railing I concentrated and jumped again. And I flew through the night. Everything was dark, yet I saw everything clearly. I was looking for somebody, anybody- to no avail the village was completely empty. I was walking from house to house disregarding walls. Nobody there. I decided to look for my friend, but got somehow lost in surrounding I didn't (and don't) recognize. A few times I felt to be sucked back to my body but I resisted that force. I didn't want to return so soon. I was walking through nature for subjective hours till I lost consciousness and asleep.

    It was quite dull OBE, yet I like it even so, therefore I tried to stay there.
    I'm getting lost into unknown environment quite often.
    I need to train concentration much more.

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