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    Non-Lucid Dreams

    1. Dead and avoiding it by changing the timeline.

      by , 05-13-2020 at 10:05 AM
      I have died for some reason... because of something like over stressing. I tried to return to my dead body, but it was impossible. The body was brought to my house. I was there and waited what would happen. Nobody could register me.
      Then two priests came. It looked as if they felt my vicinity(they got nervous), even if they didn't see me. So I tried to touch them. They felt it and it looked like they feared the touch. One of them took holy water and started to follow me and tried to sprinkle the water into place I was present. At first I evaded the water... but then I told myself... what the heck, let them sprinkle me and lets see what it will do. It did nothing. I didn't feel it.
      After some time there was pulling feeling and my spirit was pulled and squeezed like through funel back in time... and I found myself in the bed. I followed the advice and was calm (I didn't stress myself like in first time). In the point of time when I had to die, I felt like I'm going to be separated from the body, but it didn't happen at the end.
    2. Strange research, then waking into weak DILD

      by , 05-20-2019 at 09:27 PM
      A had power to teleport myself and others or things with me. There were plans to use my abilities to make expedition to Mars. But we run into problem- I wasn't able to teleport there, it was as if there was some kind of barrier. I was doing some strange research to find way to circumvent the problem. At some point I got idea that I'm dreaming.
      Therefore I went away from there to do some scouting... There was dark forest outside of research building... and a clean new road was leading into distance. I started to run... as often in my LDs I either fly in prone position, or glide in vertical position. Here I was running effortlessly with longer and longer steps(tens to hundreds of meters long). After a few minutes I saw friend standing in front of me, she looked lost... Afraid of very dark forest.
      I stopped by her, took her hand and told her: "don't worry, this is only a dream, I will be your guide here. Lets run, its a fun!"
      She was reluctant to move from the place... but then started to walk with me, then we ran. I again elongated my steps to tens of meters length... and she did that too. She started to smile... It was so romantic to run this way, hand in hand... effortlessly and fast. Her brown hairs were waving in wind... The dream had lost stability and I had woken up... with the feel of her hand on my hand... strange.

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    3. Angel of death?

      by , 05-18-2019 at 01:46 PM
      I was gliding close to ground(about 20cm) in the hypermodern city. It was as if I was invisible to anyone... nobody paid an attention to me. My consciousness felt cold, glacial like, analytic, concentrated... neutral, blank... My sight was strange. I was able to see, not only normally visible things but I was able to focus behind walls, buildings...
      And I was looking for something. I was looking for something without having thoughts, without desire... it was blank purpose. When I glided to the large skyscraper I felt I was on the place I have to be. But there was nothing. I looked into sky- there was also nothing. Then I looked toward ground and focused below and deeper below... till I saw something like tunnel. A few people were dying in it. And I waited till they died.
      Then I submerged into the concrete, soil, a few hundreds of meter deep, till I was levitating in darkness of that tunnel. I extended my right hand with palm up and my fingers curved up. A shiny blue violet fire started to dance about 10 cm over my palm... the flame was about 30cm long and on the basis about as thick as mu palm. And I glided slowly toward laying bodies of a few men and women. It was as if the bodies were filled with shiny substance. I stopped close to them and said quietly: "You have died, go in peace." And those shiny substances evaporated.
      And I glided away to where I needed to go. I was unable to stay in dream longer than about 2 minutes longer after that.

      My consciousness felt strange... it was as if I'm there but I had nearly no control over what I'm doing. Still I was that.

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    4. Krampus

      by , 12-27-2017 at 02:49 PM
      As I was walking around a big goat like creature with horns attacked me: Fear me, for I'm great Krampus!
      I laughed on that. As I walked it ran against me... and I slapped it and one horn had fallen from its head broken. And creature vanished. I tried to find it, but... well I was walking around for some time and I didn't find it. When I was in one house I saw a man who was looking on window where flies flew. And that man told me: You are looking for Krampus- one of the flies saw him, we must extract it from its brain (as if fly has any brain) I tried to catch the fly but I squashed it accidentally.

      When I got out I was in my city so I walked to bus station to take a bus to my village. But on the station I saw some crates full of clockmakers tools close to garbage bins. When I saw that I quickly started to look any usable tool I saw there not wanting to let those tools be wasted... Sonia walked around me, while calling, that I will miss my bus home. I told her to take that bus, that I need to save those tools, that they are unique and precious. So she went with the bus and I was left on the station, searching through crates till the end of dream.

      I saw a film on TV named Krampus(2015) and when my 5 years old daughter told me that she fears that monster, I told her, that it is more laughable than scary.
      My father was clockmaker and I was repairing clocks in past too... and I still have tools for repairing of clocks.
      My friend had shoulder long hair here- she has about 15cm longer hair in reality. I wonder whether she got her hair clipped
    5. Failed dream check

      by , 12-03-2017 at 02:04 PM
      It started as I woke and went to work I sat into bus. Something seemed to be weird, so I did reality check... But everything looked perfectly normal to me... I thought about that as the bus went to city.
      I was ready to dismiss the thought of dream when my friend stepped into bus on first bus station in the city. She was totally naked. She didn't have even shoes. That alerted me again. Because she didn't act as if she was naked. So I concluded that I dream and I went a few steps to her to tell her that we are dreaming this up. But then I thought: This is awkward, it will be better to leave it as it is. It doesn't need to be embarrassing for her, It will be better to not alert her. So I went back.
      When I sat down, she wasn't present in bus anymore. And I thought: I was sleeping and dreaming for a while, this isn't dream. The bus went into river- the driver told us that he need to wash dirt from wheels For me it seemed to be perfectly normal thing. I left bus on next station and went to store as I do usually every morning.
      I found there a small girl with lighter hue of black skin. With large eyes. I felt sympathy to her, she looked to be lost there. So I asked her where her parents are, whether she doesn't need help. She embraced me and started to cry. So I took her with me. We met some woman, who sent us to one particular house. It looked deserted, but after a short exploration, I found bedroom where young woman with three children slept.
      I awoke her. She was startled first but when I told her, that I'm trying to help small girl she stopped to worry. She told me that she doesn't know her. She really didn't look like her mother. Nor her children- or were of light white skin hue. Children started to play together, and that girl didn't want to leave, nor those children wanted to let her leave. But I felt that we need to. So we said our farewells.
      Then, we were walking through city and thought about hospital, maybe they could check her identity.

      Pity I wasn't conscious enough, it wouldn't be awkward to contact friend even if she was naked. I could try to communicate. Even though, it is improbable that shared dream is possible. I didn't find any proof of possibility of that yet.
      It never occurred to me that going to police would be much better course of action.

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    6. Star war

      by , 09-23-2017 at 08:51 AM
      I flew in space, above planet, in some kind of exoskeleton looking spacesuit. It was dark grey, nearly black, helmet looked like head of owl, on the back I had eagle like wings, and I had also regular shape of rest of my body. Surface was covered by something like hard feathers (metallic?).
      In front of me, the vast imperial army slowly closed distance to myself... Star destroyer next to star destroyer, clouds of TIE fighters.
      I stood between them and planet with my hands and wings in gesture of stopping something and I told quietly: "Behold! This planet is mine. Leave in peace or be destroyed."
      I saw chucking admiral in part of my visor muttering something like "fool", while imperial army didn't even pause.
      From legs, hands and wings dark violet plasma flames appeared and I started complicated dance in between enemy ships, changing advance of TIE fighters in debris field fast. The star destroyers started barrage of shots, but I knew where to fly, so I weaved between shots... it looked like dance. There was no more chuckles. I close to star destroyer and with slash of hand I cut it from front to back in half. Not even stopping, I danced between shots and advanced from one star destroyer to other... destroying them as fast as Tie fighters.
      Then admiral called Darth Darkness(I don't remember exactly whether it was darkness but it sound that way) to battle... and much bigger ship appeared, resembling Executor. I promptly changed my course and cut in half that majestic ship too. The fleet then retreated into hyperspace, leaving only debris field behind.

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    7. Bomber pilot

      by , 07-18-2017 at 01:11 PM
      I was flying the plane reminiscing Avro Lancaster bomber plane as a member of bomber group. I emerged into dream when we were flying above Germany occupied land. The flak was firing at us in irregular manner all the way to the target, where we dropped bombs and turned back to England.
      Half the way to home, my plane was hit by flak fire and lost nearly whole tail section... The airplane became very nose heavy, and started to tip down... But I felt, that flaps were functional, so I started to do slow horizontal pirouette to hold more or less straight flight direction. I managed to fly that way for a long time, till I reached England and started to try and land on the closest airfield...
      It was bad. I managed to do last wing over very close to ground and then level the airplane for a short time. Then I landed it hard and the airplane started to roll over the nose to its back, to belly and again through nose to back... maybe 10-15 times over, till it stopped. I was dead by that time and saw it from above.

      There was no one on board of airplane when I was landing. I was last one there.
      I couldn't jump from airplane, it was somehow impossible because of its condition. To attempt to land was the only way to have chance to survive- I didn't manage that.
      There was no fear emotion, only strong concentration on flying, trying to survive... After death I felt something like relief...

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    8. Zombies again.

      by , 07-15-2017 at 07:58 PM
      I emerged into dream at some unfamiliar place, the sun was shining, the nature was lush and gorgeously green. I was walking and observing... for a long time straight in one direction.
      I wondered where everyone is. After some time I saw a three person walking, slowly, one after other. So wanting to be in a company, I changed direction to them. When I came closer I saw that those people were zombies... I'm dreaming! OK, so I will explore. I came closer to them, they were strange, Their skin was covered by short twigs with small leaves... some small mushrooms. They registered me as I came about 2 meters from them. They were slow. I wondered when they will stop to move and enroot. I wasn't interested to battle them, they didn't do anything threatening to anyone... and to me... well, I didn't matter of course. So I took original route and walked away.
      After some time I came to the city. Nearly empty. On the streets those zombies slowly walked around aimlessly. They were in various state of change into plants.I saw some zombies walking around broken fence, each of them was wounded by broken fence, leaking brownish green "blood" from wounds. I stopped to observe what will happen next- there was man running through that fence some time later and he got scratched... from scratch small twigs started to grow... he was zombified...
      I walked again... I saw big river, so I walked there. I found normal people there. They were trying to get to ships and to sail away from land. I had chosen one ship to sail where other people wanted to go. There was captain- a dark haired woman, she asked people their names, some of them weren't allowed to sail on that ship. She asked me for my name. I introduced myself. She told me that I can sail on that ship, that my wife reserved place for me. I started to examine the ship... and I saw that it is starting to take a water, we were too heavy. I went back to the captain and told her that I will not sail with her ship, because it is too full of people and it will sink in short time if enough people doesn't unship. And I went out of ship. At once, the ship was maybe 10 cm higher so, it wasn't taking water in anymore.
      I was walking through some buildings, dark without electricity. People were scared of zombies and tried to hide there. They looked like they were scared of each other too. I found a young girl, less than 20 years old with brown hair in ponytail. She was trying to learn something from scripts- I felt that she has to have an exam. I told her to be calm and relaxed, that all will be much better then.
      I went out of building back on the streets. There, I accidentally touched a zombie- I thought that other girl is in problems, but she was zombie already. And I felt as twigs started to grow from my skin... and that my consciousness starts to slip away. Of course I couldn't allow it. I concentrated and blue aura exploded from me, cleaning my skin, and also skin of that girl because she was close and surrounded by my aura too. It looked like she was healed, since she stopped to walk slowly and was alert at once. "Go in peace, you were healed" I told her and walked away.
      I came to something looking like small electric plant. A few engineers were there talking, that they need to start electric generator, but they feared to enter the building. So I volunteered. I went inside. I walked through quite empty building to the room, where generator was placed. I went into room and felt something dangerous at once. So I closed the doors from inside, blocked them and shouted to engineers, that they shouldn't go inside, into room (to me), because there is demon inside. I started the generator. Then I located the demon- he/she was dark, unhappy being. He/she wanted to go out, but didn't know how to open those doors. And he/she couldn't walk through wall for some reason. I started to talk to demon, trying to find a solution to his/her predicament. I woke up short time after that- I didn't have time to help...

      I don't understand: why the zombies again? They were different, but why? I don't look on movies with them, I don't think about them, in my opinion it is just very, very stupid fantasy. (Dream zombies are different, I only name them as zombies- not because they are, but because they are moving around without reaction, doing strange things.)
      DILD feels much, much less conscious than WILD ...

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    9. Sun explosion

      by , 03-15-2017 at 11:07 AM
      I was flying out of solar system, on trajectory similar to Hohmann ellipse. Target was probably Kuiper belt. I was just point of consciousness, nothing more than that. My consciousness was sensing all the bodies around, from small, to big ones.
      Then I registered eerie sky blue light from behind which increased intensity fast. I turned my attention to solar system and I saw the Sun exploding in size and devouring all the planets... I turned my attention forward and I saw bodies of Kuiper belt now sharply illuminated and with comet tails reaching to great distances. Some of those now comet like bodies were large as planets...
      Then I folded space into new star system. There were two planets able to shelter remnants of humanity, to flourish again. I landed them an planet closer to that sun. There was quite warm there. I was thinking whether I should change location to planet further away, which was colder...

      I was just point of consciousness, an explorer. But somehow I managed to save many people from solar system and plant them on that planet.
      I was in unusual consciousness state. It was like unattached observer, but there were differences... I can't describe them. It felt cold. Logical.

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    10. Accident

      by , 06-23-2016 at 12:56 PM
      I had accident, a car bumped into me and it threw me out of body. I looked on my physical body and it was pretty messed up. Then I looked on my "astral" body and it was shining white and naked. I walked away without any worries or sorrows about it. After some time walking around I went to city hospital. I found my body, after major operation, healing up. I went to find physician to speak with him. I asked him: when I may take my body again?
      He looked on me and told me: You are naked, you must not show yourself in naked state, it is not proper.
      I countered: I feel hot and I don't need clothes.
      Physician then tried to cover me with white doctor coat, but it went right through me and to ground. I'm not physically here... see? I told him.
      Then physician stood up and showed his fist into wall a few cm deep into it and it started to ring. Like old telephone ring. And I saw that under the mortar there was small push button with bell pictured on. I touched it with my finger and the ring stopped.
    11. The futility is irrelevant

      by , 06-12-2016 at 05:29 PM
      I was part of USS Voyager crew- I don't know who, but I was bridge officer. We discussed how to go faster back to Earth. Seven of Nine had an idea. She showed us map where she added trans-warp corridor Borg were using. All that was needed was to adjust our deflector while flying at warp to "hack" into that corridor.
      We tried to do so... And indeed the warp changed and we were flying super-fast as indicated on map of galaxy.
      But then the Borg hailed us: You are using our corridor. You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile.
      I teleported out of ship letting it to fly back home and I stood in front of Borg cube: The futility is irrelevant! and with blinding flash I banished them.
      After light faded I found that I also changed the position... And I was only point of consciousness, I had no physical body. And I saw galaxies all around. Some of them spiral and elliptical, but I saw irregular galaxies further away. I was floating for short time, considering possibilities.
      I thought... I need to find my way back to my body, otherwise it will die and I will never come back to my family... I looked around trying to identify galaxies, trying to determine which one is my home galaxy. It was strange, I started to see names and numbers on lower right side in red digital alfabet. Abell xxxx where xxxx was number. I couldn't find where the Milky Way galaxy is. I thought: Lets the body die, I don't need it if I can exist this way.
      I took course and I flew, faster and faster, further and further. objects I was seeing were going to redder and redder and more and more irregular. They also dimmed the further I flew... The universe started to glow as I accelerated further... and I found myself back in my body, woken in my bed.

      I looked on internet for names of galaxies and there are many galactic clusters named Abell. If that what I was seeing was galaxy cluster it would explain irregularities... and also why I didn't see my home galaxy. I probably read about it sometime in past but I don't remember when.
      Galaxies going redder... hmmm those old galaxies emerged long time ago... maybe only red dwarf stars remained in them.

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    12. The Circus

      by , 05-08-2016 at 12:03 PM
      I was special- there was emptiness in me and I needed to fill that emptiness. I had material/ethereal sky-blue glowing cluster of crystal where spirits of my victims(women) were absorbed when my emptiness called for filling, leaving only short time living empty husks behind...I had forces over light and dark. I could use instant transportation from place to place. Healing and telepathy. Matter manipulation, creation and destruction... I was able to see energy flow in things, i was able to see souls...

      I worked in circus. The Director of circus was collector of special people. He made as to make performances... He wasn't good man. He was dark with greed. He knew what I'm able to do, what I do to women from time to time, yet he was OK with it. As far as I was staying in circus. Yet I didn't care about that. I didn't care for anything. It was like everything is far below me. I wasn't bad... I was simply unable to care. Everything seemed to be so insignificant... Like we don't care about atoms or molecules... I didn't care about anything... I felt to be above that. The time flew around myself. Things changed, yet my attitude remained the same. Only from time to time I felt the need to fill the emptiness inside of me... the process was simple... I got close to woman when I felt the need and she released her soul, painlessly... then that soul flew to me, but never was able to fill the emptiness, instead it crystallized as another crystal on that cluster of crystals I had.
      There were other special people, with some talents... nothing like me. One older woman bleed from eyes every time someone lied nearby... An older man able to levitate himself, was making crazy shows on the rope...

      I was in my room changing my clothes- clothes materialized and dematerialized directly on me. I didn't care whether I was naked or not but I knew that it was required for performance. I felt something significant will happen. I saw flashes of visions of radiant soul... glowing... its filaments reaching to me... There was black haired mute woman with me in my room. She was guarding me and especially the glowing cluster of crystals, even if that cluster couldn't be touched or moved by anyone but me. The Director feared to lose me. His circus would be devastated financially without me. How many women was absorbed to crystal to fill my emptiness? It didn't help, I was empty.

      I took cluster of crystals and teleported to circus directly onto podium. And I felt her. My emptiness was calling to be filled. My soul reached with its glowing filaments across the void between us. She was young regal woman in white dress visiting circus- she was the right person to fill my emptiness. My emptiness was calling to be filled with her soul light... The director saw the change in me... My glow... My disregard to the performance I had to do. And I knew that he saw, I knew it instantly... director wanted to kill her, fearing I will be lost for him.

      I wasn't about to confront the director when he called me, I lied to him to protect that woman special for me. And that older woman working in circus bled from her eyes through the whole time... and she held her hands trying to hide it... ineffectually. The director saw that. I read his thoughts. I needed to save that woman in white. I vanished, and reappeared by her. We were forced to kiss, like two magnets pulled together. Our souls intertwined in glorious harmony... our bodies were connected and controlled by our souls only by thin filaments, but our souls weren't located in our bodies anymore. We became one and yet remained two distinct souls... there was constant interaction making it look like constant movement of light filaments. The cluster of crystals vanished in blinding light show, making trapped spirits free. Director was crazy with hate. I see into your soul director... No more circus for me... no more matter bonds... I vanished together with my soulmate away from material world, to higher plane of existence.

      Very strange dream... I had to write it, it was pushing my consciousness to do that

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    13. The thief

      by , 04-27-2016 at 09:46 PM
      I was a thief... I lived in city that looked like ancient Bratislava... there were rails for wagons pulled by horses... Streets were made of coble stones... I had stolen things for living... small things. It wasn't comfortable life.
      I seemed to like to provoke policemen to try to catch me. I liked those runs... feelings of danger... policemen didn't like me and they shout at me that they will catch me very soon. Yet, I was very fast. I was running and all but one young policeman were left far behind. I was running, my long hair was flowing behind me, fluttering because I ran so fast... then I started to wonder... how it is possible that I dont feel tired?
      This is a dream! I enjoyed the run even more after that realization. That young raven haired policeman was very sympatic to me, I felt to be attracted to him (not sexually, I'm not bend that way, yet there was something on him...) I told him that there is a slope downwards, that we should accelerate our run... We laughed as we ran. But there was no slope downward. It was something like very deep water well... circular, with walls made from coble stones like the street. And we fell into it. A few tens of meters. As I was falling my legs were runing in the air, till I submerged into dirty water on the bottom of well. I surfaced right beside policeman. There was ladder close to me. I helped him to that ladder and we climb up. I waked up after that.

      It was very nice run. I felt so light...
      I obtained lucidity in the middle of dream, yet I decided to run, since I liked it so much.
      Dream looked like it was set into at least 100 years into past, maybe 150... but policemen had present time uniforms... but no weapons.
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    14. After death

      by , 03-29-2016 at 06:57 PM
      I died. I don't know how, I don't know why. I just knew that.
      I found myself hovering in void. A few hundred of metres away there was other man hovering. It was absolute darkness there. I felt that I'm stuck there. It didn't matter to me. I observed my surrounding... unattached observer. No will, no want, no need of anything...
      Then I saw that that man started to glow stronger and stronger until he dissolved in blinding white light. I remained there alone, not that it mattered anything to myself. But I started to be curious- what happened? And I got answer. That man started to show humility. He was taken away. The place where we were was purgatory. And I felt that I have to do the same to be taken too.
      So I tried. And I failed. And I failed again. And I asked- how can I feel humility, when I feel nothing at all? When I feel total peace? No answer. But I started to feel inadequate. With that I started to feel many different emotions... the peace I was in was taking cracks. But I observed it and concentrated on countermeasures till I was again in total peace and timelessness. I felt that I do right thing. I can't be dependant of outside forces, it is way of slavery... I concentrated... on transfer... Actinic flash and I vanished.

      The consciousness was really strong in this dream, much, much stronger than in waking life. Although I didn't know that it was only a dream. Therefore I marked this as nonlucid dream even if level of lucidity was so strong.
      This dream got me thinking about my life philosophy. I deviated from what I learned from my parents... we are roman catholics... But I took quite different philosophy as time went... my experiences are stronger than any books or speeches of priests... It got me thinking whether my way is right. Whether I'm not lead by other, darker forces. Away from "god". I was unable to feel regret... I felt regret that I can't feel regret for a short time until I found what I do. But that doesn't feel right in light of what I learned from my parents. On other side... what is right and what is wrong... I need to research this in fullness, in changed state of consciousness.
      I had this dream probably because of discussion I had at previous dream.
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    15. Big treasure

      by , 03-08-2016 at 01:48 PM
      I was held prisoner by a group of people who wanted to know where my treasure is. They tried to get information from me. It was surreal. They treated me by saw... that they will cut me limb by limb... And they wanted to demonstrate it...
      There was a mound of soil in that room. And they started motor saw and they cut into that mound. And I heard sounds of pain... sparkles sprung from that mound. Then that small mound jumped and there was man jumping from the soil... it was visible that he had chains on limbs, and that motor saw cut through them. He wasn't wounded. Stop!, he told them we must do it other way, give him a shot of drugs. I understood that they will give mi injection of something what would make me speak about everything I know. I tried to run, but they caught me.
      I felt the stab of injection and I felt the change in my mind state in response to it. But it was different... I was in control. While I couldn't run away, I was in total control of my body and mind at once. I felt my consciousness to rise. Shortly after I got injection I let my body collapse down lifelessly like. My tormentors started to dispute... that they got me too much of drug. Inside of my mind I laughed. They tried to wake me. To provoke some reaction from my body- there was none So they waited. After a long while I had enough to be in not very comfortable position and I faked waking up. They immediately started to ask me questions. I felt something in me that wanted to reveal my secret but my consciousness was much stronger. I started to speak rubbish. Totally random rubbish
      At last, they let me go. They decided to observe me and find out where treasure lies that way. I was walking up the hill through open woodland... and I felt that they are observing me. And I was walking up and sat on big rock above abyss... bathing in rays of reddish sunset light... And I spoke loudly and clearly "This is my treasure!"
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