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    Peaceful flying

    by , 05-10-2015 at 05:23 PM (375 Views)
    I let my mind to freely associate concentrated on being here and now... and I let body fall to sleep.
    After some 5 minutes I appeared to be flying above moonlit rocky landscape. There wasn't animal life nor plants. Only rocks... and then also many mountain lakes. The moon was shining so bright that it looked like at cloudy day. Only difference was, that the light appeared to be silvery in color. I let myself to be slowly carried over country... and then I was flying above lake... It was so clean, I saw every rock in the water... it was maybe 100m deep but I saw bottom of lake clearly. I was fascinated and slowly steered to fly above lake... The moon was mirroring on the surface of lake. I felt peace... everything looked peaceful, pure, nice. I changed the course of my flight to next lake. That one was deep, very deep. It looked like kilometers deep. Then I again changed course and flew directly into that pond. Crossing the surface of water it felt like I broke through some resistance, but nothing strong. And I flew in the water into the deep. Deep down...
    I didn't manage to reach bottom, since my wife interrupted my trip and woke me up by movement in her sleep.
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    Tags: lucid dream